What Products Should You Advertise On Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a $3.19 billion day for eCommerce businesses across the country.  We’re predicting that 2016 will reach even higher.  With consumer money to be spent, an important consideration for your brand is advertising the right products to the correct demographic.

We know that your product line is diverse in all the right ways, and that’s great, especially when you consider the average shopping cart last Cyber Monday had 4 items in it.  With that said, it is important to hone in on exactly what items should be given a little extra love.  

If you’re a bit late to the party, here are a few key ways to determine what types of products you should advertise on Cyber Monday.

1.  A/B Test Product Specific Creatives

Once you start to generate some brand awareness online with Pollen, you can keep drilling down through A/B testing product centric ads.  The easiest way to execute this is run ads using the same demographic, target segments, and geographic targeting while running ads that feature different products.  By isolating the product as the single variable in your campaign you’ll generate signals as to which one is outperforming and which one is underperforming. By monitoring click-through rates, conversion rates and other key metrics you’ll be able to assess which products are driving the highest engagement.   

2.  Analyze Email Marketing Analytics

Similar to A/B testing product specific creatives, analyzing data around your email marketing campaigns is a helpful way in determining where your audience is most engaged.  By example, if you’ve advertised new arrivals for the upcoming season via email, determine which products generated the most clicks or received the most sales as another signal to help you determine how to merchandise your Cyber Monday sales!  

3.  Refer Back to Cyber Monday 2015

Chances are, the products that were in high demand last year on your site will also be heavy hitters again this year (and likely even moreso).  Refer back to your 2015 sales sheets and consider ramping up the promotions on the products that went fast to gain even further traction this year.  

4.  In-stock Products

Taking a practical approach and overview of your business is key to having a successful Cyber Monday.  While it’s hard to keep up with the inventory that a Macy’s or Nordstrom’s keeps on their shelves, you can make a quick list of products that you do have a lot of inventory of as those are the items that you can sell hard and won’t go out of stock.


As a last note, as important as the products you are advertising, it is imperative that you lay out a clean, organized marketing strategy and ensure that the applications working in each area of your marketing funnel are firing on all cylinders.  

Equally important, ensure you have a holiday page enabled on your site so customers can easily navigate the items that you are promoting for this year’s Cyber Monday sale.  

If you need some assistance, Pollen is happy to help with initial A/B testing and data analysis.  Please feel free to reply below or shoot us an email at support@gopollen.com