What is an Email Blast and How Does it Work?

Let us start out by saying, email blasts (eBlasts) are not spam.  In fact, an email blast serves as just the opposite; these are very highly targeted campaigns that are intended to go to specific individuals in your customer email database.

So why are they important and why should you use them?

Well, for starters email marketing has a 3800% return on investment!  To put that into perspective, for every $1 you spend towards email marketing, you can expect a $38 return.  As you can see, email is an extremely effective way of engaging your customer base.  

That said, creating a meaningful campaign takes some work.  We live in an attention economy so every detail matters, from the subject line to the graphics you choose to include.

As online retailers are gearing up for the holidays, you can expect many to increase the amount of email blasts they send out to further entice shoppers toward their brand.  Get ready…

The Job Ahead

The job of any eBlast is to create buzz around an item, service, or information that can make your customer’s life easier.  These can come in the form of a company newsletter about changes or advances you’re making in your business, a new sale, new products, or a piece of content marketing that you’d like to feature from your company’s blog.  

The main goal for any eCommerce store should be to keep your brand at the top of your customers mind, an important step in retaining your shoppers.  

Short and Sweet

Time is money for everyone and with the increase in email traffic it is critical not to overwhelm your audience.  Keep your copy to 3-4 sentences and let images do the rest!  

What Service Should I Use?

This is often a matter of personal preference, but we recommend platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Campaign Monitor.  Choose a service that is easy for you to use so that you can plug and play and have your platform automize the rest.   

Last Tips

It is crucial to adhere to the regulations within the CAN-SPAM Act which include, labeling the message as an advertisement, including an unsubscribe button, and excluding deceptive subject lines.  

It’s also great to include a way to get in touch with a representative at your company in the footer of your email.  It gives the message a more human element and lets your customer know that if they have a question about anything stated above, they have someone on your team they can reach out to.  Trust us, this goes a long way!


Ensure your eBast campaigns don’t come across as spam and always include an unsubscribe line, per CAN-SPAM regulations.  A/B test subject lines and content whenever you can so you can optimize future campaigns for the best results.  Remember, a successful campaign will produce an open rate of 22% or above so strive for that metric and if you aren’t meeting it, reevaluate your content.  Good luck!  


Any other reasons you take advantage of eBlasts?  Let us know below!