Tracking Conversions via Google Analytics

No matter what type of campaign you run, whether on Facebook, Google, Twitter or Poln –  it’s critical to know how to measure the performance of your campaign. For most retailers, tracking the source of sales is a crucial factor in determining its marketing budget.

Our friends at Google have made it very easy to measure your campaign performance via Google Analytics.

Step 1: Enable Google ECommerce Tracking

  • Go into your Google Analytics account

  • In the VIEW column, select Ecommerce Settings.

  • Click the Enable Ecommerce toggle ON.

  • Click on Next step and then click Submit

Step 2: Generate trackable links

  • Once you’ve enabled Ecommerce Tracking it’s time to create trackable links. While there are a few ways of doing so, Google has its own URL builder which can be accessed by clicking on this link:

  • Campaign Source = poln

  • Campaign Medium = banner

  • Campaign Name = (name of campaign)


That’s it!

Happy Advertising! 

Team Poln

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