The Procrastinator’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Check List

Late to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday party?  It’s time to act and act fast!  Yes, in an ideal world, your Black Friday and Cyber Monday planning would have started in October or before, but we know, often times the ideal situation is far from the realistic situation.  While your business priorities might have been elsewhere over the last month, now is the time to go full steam ahead into what will be a historic buying weekend in stores and online.

While Black Friday planning takes time and effort from everyone in your organization, there are some easy first steps to take today to ensure your eCommerce shop has a successful weekend.  

Adobe reported $2.74 billion in Black Friday shopping last year and Cyber Monday brought in $3.07 billion in 2015, up over 16% from the following year.  Needless to say, it’s time to get excited!

Here is the procrastinator’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Check List.  

1.  Inventory

With likely over $6 billion to be spent during the shopping weekend, you’ll want to ensure you have enough inventory in-stock to manage the increase in demand from your online customers this year.  A quick way to prioritize is to refer back to your popular products from last year as those will likely be big sellers again.  Also, if you are seasonal retailer, focus on stocking up on the items you know your customers will want in November and December.   

2.  Content Calendar

Having a clear road map is key to executing a successful Black Friday weekend.  As a business owner, you know the benefits of keeping your focus as far down the road as possible.  With a clear road map on the dates you want to promote, your efforts won’t get bogged down as much in the planning period.  Pollen created a quick guide to the important holidays to hit for the rest of Q4 here!

3.  Site Optimization & Mobile

With the jump in web traffic the goal should be to eliminate site bounce rate as much as possible.  Reducing bounce rate is an important component leading to conversion and, we all know conversion is all about getting customers to stay on your web page.  The first step here is to ensure your site is as easy to navigate as possible and consider setting up a Black Friday landing page with the products you’d like to advertise.  Further, mobile sales grew by 15% last year and are expected to jump again this year.  With that comes site loading speed.  Mobile pages that load 1 second faster experience an increase in conversion rate up to 27%.  Here’s a great article on optimizing your website for the holidays!

4.  Sales

The Black Friday weekend is all about offering your customers sales that they couldn’t get any other time of year.  Evaluate your merchandise and examine what your competitors are offering as well to keep your brand competitive this season.  

5.  Shipping

We recommend adopting a free shipping policy or a free shipping offer above a certain price threshold.  Shipping policies account for the number one reason of cart abandonment, and by eliminating these during the holidays it is a great way to convert customers on your website and keep them coming back for more.  

6.  Email Marketing and Advertising Push

It’s not too late!  With a little over two weeks until the big spending season begins, start promoting your sales now via email marketing, social media, and advertising campaigns with Pollen!

This procrastinator’s Black Friday checklist will serve as an excellent resource in getting your eCommerce shop prepared for the big spending weekend and the upcoming holiday frenzy.

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below!