How Pollen Works

  • Pollen automatically builds lookalike audiences off of your email subscriber list, social page engagement, and website engagement so you can get in front of the right customers.
  • We show your ads to shoppers that look similar to your existing customers and engage with your past visitors to drive more sales.
  • We A/B test your creative, audiences, and where we show your ads in order to drive the highest quality shoppers to your website.
  • New customers see your awesome ads and click through to your website.

Prospecting and retargeting ads in one

Pollen enables you to run prospecting ads to acquire new customers and retargeting ads to drive past visitors back to your site all in one campaign. Pollen’s machine learning engine automatically optimizes your campaign across Facebook and display networks, enabling you to reach your perfect audience wherever they are. Pollen is built to drive sales. With Pollen, you don’t need to worry about optimizing your campaign, combing through data sets, or managing the hundreds of facets required to run an effective campaign. Pollen does it all for you -- and here’s the kicker, it delivers!

Simple Campaign Setup

Launch your first prospecting + retargeting campaign in under 2 minutes on Facebook and across millions of websites.

Automated Campaign Optimization

Pollen runs on powerful machine learning technology that enables you to find customers with the highest affinity and buying-intent for your products.

Transparent Campaign Reporting

Pollen’s intuitive dashboard provides you with the tracking tools you need to stay up-to-date on your campaign performance.