Online Marketing 101 for New eCommerce Stores

Did you decide to open an eCommerce store in 2017?  We don’t blame you, it’s truly a terrific time to be an online retailer!  In fact, over half of consumers are now doing their shopping online instead of making purchases in a physical store.  As the online customer base continues to grow, there are some important strategies to adopt to stay one-step ahead of the competition!

While we know you’ve been working tirelessly to launch your business, we’ve put together a quick marketing guide for new eCommerce stores to help you jumpstart your Q1 efforts!

Here is your no frills marketing checklist:

1.  Optimize Your Website

Before you dive into the online marketplace headfirst, examine one of your most important and least expensive features: your website.  Up front, it’s crucial to optimize your UX for both mobile and desktop shoppers.  We’ve seen mobile shopping grow over 78% in the last few years, so allowing multi device shoppers access to your products should be goal number 1.  Just as important, ensure your website is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and that the pages load quickly and seamlessly.  Think of your website as your storefront.  First impressions matter!  

2.  Advertise

You’ve heard it before: “You have to spend money to make money.”  This phrase rings true in the eCommerce space, but the glorious thing about the internet is your potential customer base is incredibly large!  Focus your initial efforts on the prospecting stage of your marketing funnel.  Once you draw in new customers with buying intent (Pollen can help) it will be much easier to retarget and then convert this in-market traffic!

3.  Social Media

We all know the benefits of using social media to boost engagement (hint, you have an audience of 1.79 billion monthly users on Facebook), but knowing the benefits and acting on the benefits are two different things.  Enter, Marketing Calendar.  Creating a marketing calendar allows you to target specific dates and plan social posts and promotions around specific annual events, allowing you to stay on top of your posting schedule!

4.  Email Marketing

Once a customer completes a purchase with you online, it is very likely that you will have their email address via a shipping notification or if they opted into your email newsletter.  Email marketing is the single best way to keep that customer base engaged with your brand all year long.  Further, for every $1 spent, you can expect a $38 return on investment (ROI).  Trust us, it pays to take advantage of email marketing!

5.  Content Marketing

Blogging and general content marketing should be a focus for your eCommerce site all year long.  Not only will your blogs be relevant to the increased traffic you’re receiving, but they will also be helpful in putting to use some of those precious keywords that boost your Google score!  Fun fact:  Content Marketing leads to 126% more lead growth generation for businesses…just sayin’!

6.  Strategic Partnerships

Cross promoting with other brands is a great way to gain some momentum when you’re first starting out (and when you’re established for that matter).  Do you have close relationships with any other eCommerce shops?  Try doing a social media takeover, cross promoting a product, or simply giving them some kudos on your blog.  It’s all about extending your network!


This new business eCommerce marketing guide will help you stay on top of your goals in Q1 and lead to a successful rest of the year for your brand!

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below!