Turn Instagram into your new
sales secret weapon

One Click
Add To Cart

Customers shop directly from your Insta feed and add items to their shopping cart.


Combine product photos with captions, usernames and hashtags to boost traffic and engagement.


Optimized for mobile so you never miss a sale.

Built For
Small Business

Honeycomb takes less than a minute to setup, so you can focus on making more sales.

Product Tags

Embed product tags within Honeycomb so customers can easily find your products.

Inventory Sync

Syncs your inventory in real-time so customers know what's available.

How it works

Turning your Insta feed into a shopping cart is super simple with Honeycomb
  • 1. Install Honeycomb on your Shopify Store Honeycomb takes less than a minute to install on Shopify.
  • 2. Integrate Insta with Honeycomb Give Honeycomb access to your Insta account. Don't worry, we won't post on your account!
  • 3. Add posts from your Insta feed to your site Add your Insta posts and tag your products. Customers can now directly purchase products from your Insta feed.
  • 4. Sit back and relax while customers buy even more from you! Make more money than ever before. Who says you can't make money from Insta?

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