Leveraging Product Reviews From Your Seasonal Customers

Online holiday sales are still ramping up and we are excited to see what the final numbers will be.  One thing that we are certain on is product reviews can make or break your brand.  With an increase of customers coming to your website, it’s as crucial as ever to entice buyers to leave positive feedback on products and, in turn, leverage those product recommendations to increase sales in the New Year!

It’s no surprise that 77% of consumers read reviews before they purchase a product online, and as we move into an age of increased desktop and mobile purchasing, you can bet that number is going to be even more significant in the years to come.  To that point, 88% of consumers trust reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.  Welcome to the digital age!

The First Steps

If you do not have product reviews set up on your store yet, try out Product Reviews by Shopify, YotPo, Judge.me, or Stamped.io.  We’re sure one of these will work well for your eCommerce shop.  Once you have chosen the right tool to start with, it’s time to further optimize your webpage.

Gaining momentum with product reviews can be tough, which is why it makes sense to ask friends and family to honestly rate and provide customer feedback on your shop and products.  We stress the word ‘honesty’ here because we believe in building genuine brands, and further, if something is lacking in your product line, your friends and family should be the first ones to let you know!  After you gain a few reviews on products, cold customers will feel more comfortable dropping you a review!

Gain Some Traction

Now that you have the groundwork set, the job becomes multiplying your reviews and attracting seasonal shoppers and net new users.  One of the simplest ways to promote this effort is to send shoppers discount codes in exchange for a product review.  You can arrange this via email marketing or you can promote through display advertising or even social media.  

Goal number one should be to get as many reviews from your user base as possible.  Products that have over 50 reviews see a 4.6% conversion rate lift.  Translate that percentage to the users you drive to your store and the price of your products and you can see why leveraging product reviews from seasonal customers is an absolute no-brainer.  


In general, product reviews can increase conversion rates by 14-76% across your store.  With such a huge number and the increased potential of gaining reviews during the holiday season, it is important to not only attract users who purchase products, but also gain users who leave reviews.  Once a review is left, your shop will be able to leverage that feedback and turn it into dollar figures in 2017!

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below.