Last Minute Guide: Black Friday Weekend Customer Conversion

To continue on with the 2nd article in our 3-part series, we’d like to bring you our last minute guide to Black Friday Weekend customer conversion.  

Conversions are the name of the game on Black Friday, but with stiff competition and even steeper sales to rival, potential shoppers can be suade to another brand easily.  Don’t fret though.  To combat this, we’ve put together this last minute guide to Black Friday Weekend customer conversion.   

1.  Inventory

If it’s not in stock, it won’t sell!  As we’re only a few days out from the online frenzy, now is the time to ensure that you have all the right products in stock that you want to advertise.  A good rule of thumb is to focus on products that went fast last year as those will be popular items again in 2016.  If you weren’t in business last fall then keep an eye on your best sellers as of late.  If you have extra inventory of certain products, be sure to include these on your holiday landing page so you have a chance to get some of the excess off your shelf!

2.  Shipping

Competitive shipping policies are one of the main factors driving conversions on Black Friday and the general holiday season.  Shipping policies account for the number one reason of cart abandonment.  In fact, high shipping fees account for 56% of cart abandonment!  Many companies are adopting free shipping initiatives and offering free shipping above a certain price threshold.  You should follow suit too!

3.  Gift Cards

Adding in a gift card with a purchase is a great way to convert customers who might be on the fence.  It works two ways: A customer can use the gift card for a future purchase or use the gift card as a present to a family member, loved one, or friend.  

4.  Sales Apps

Apps like Referral Candy, Product Discount, and SumoMe are great for conversion assistance this Black Friday Weekend.  Referral Candy makes it easy for a customer to get a discount by referring someone in their network and at the same time allows you to gain another potential shopper.  Better yet, if a customer leaves something in their shopping cart, SumoMe will serve them a popup before they exit the page, letting them know that they still have items in their cart.  Lastly, Product Discount makes advertising your promotions super easy.  Which leads us to our next point…

5.  Ramp Up Discounts/Sales


At its core, this is what the Black Friday Weekend is all about: promotions that customers can’t get any other time of year.  Because of this, it’s imperative that you offer discounts across your product line.  Check out other brands in your vertical and gauge how they are reducing prices, then adjust yours to be competitive.  

6.  Bundle Products Together


Similar to offering a gift card at checkout, including another free item (potentially one that isn’t selling very well) in your customer’s shopping cart when they purchase is a great way to entice shoppers as they feel they are getting more bang for their buck.  Additionally, it’s a great way to get rid of inventory you’re having a hard time selling.


Follow this last minute guide to Black Friday Weekend customer conversion and you’ll be on your way to securing more revenue for your company this holiday season.  Don’t forget, stay tuned for our customer retention article tomorrow!

As always, if you have any other tips or comments, feel free to comment below!