How User Generated Content Can Help Your Brand


There is no question that there is value in interacting with customers over social media. Continuously pushing content to customers’ social media feeds helps your brand stay fresh in their minds and is important for retaining their business.  But, what if customers provided the content?  Maybe their photos and videos won’t be professional grade but they can still generate tremendous value.

Here are just a few reasons user generated content matters and how it can help your store grow!


Good UGC can have 6.9 times higher engagement than brand generated content on Facebook. When it comes to ads, UGC looks less like a direct attempt to sell people things as it does not appear that a brand is simply targeting customers’ wallets, users will be more likely to click on an ad – four times more likely, to be precise.


Leveraging product reviews is immensely valuable.  Reviews shared to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have average conversion rates of 2.58%, 2.49%, and 6.46% respectively.  We all know that customers are more likely to buy something if they have heard about it from someone they know.  By publicizing product reviews, you are spreading valuable social proof.


The more UGC stored on a website, the higher a site will rank on Google.  That means more traffic and more sales.  What is one way to collect UGC?  Run an Instagram hashtag campaign encouraging followers to share content featuring your products.  Not only can this generate buzz about a brand, but also the UGC will be easily collectible because it will be shared with the same hashtag.  Remember though, UGC stored on Twitter and Instagram does not count for SEO, only what is stored on a website does.


UGC is free to use.  There is no paying an agency to set up photo and video shoots.  Stores that utilized UGC in ads saw a 50% drop in cost-per-click and a 50% drop in cost of customer acquisition.  It is hard to argue with that!


UGC can be leveraged and featured in several ways.  Making efforts to connect with customers is a must, and sharing their excitement for your brand has huge upside.

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below.