How to Write an About Us Page

Most purchases are made for emotional reasons.  Your brand narrative is one of the main factors that will trigger a positive emotional response from customers. The About Us section of your website is a great place to tell your story and build trust and goodwill with users.

“fMRI neuro-imagery shows that when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions (personal feelings and experiences) rather than information (brand attributes, features, and facts)…[an] important foundation for a brand’s emotions can be found in its “narrative” – the story that communicates “who” it is, what it means to the consumer, and why the consumer should care. This narrative is the basis for brand advertising and promotion.”

We know you’re focused on selling your products, but when you have a moment, give the About Us section of your website some love.  It’s one of the simplest, most effective ways to provide context to the types of products you sell and make a great first impression to new users.

Aim for 2-3 paragraphs that contain information relevant to your target customer. It should be fun and informative, but most importantly, should show your personality.

Ready to inject some life into your About Us page?  Follow these simple steps below:

1.  Why did you choose to start the brand?

Your brand was founded for a specific reason, built on a simple motto.  Share this background with your audience. The introduction is a great place to explain why you chose to start the company.  Don’t be afraid to get specific and tell your story!

2.  How are your products made?

Use any special techniques or materials in the design or manufacturing process?  Customers love these intimate details!  This is also a great place to address how your products differ from your competitors in terms of quality and functionality.

3.  Share your dreams and goals.

Let your audience know what inspires you to work hard and keep going.  If you have an end goal in sight, feel free to share that and tie it into your overall brand message.  You want customers to follow you on your journey.

4.  Introduce your founders and staff

The About Us section is a great place to introduce the founders of your company and anyone else on your team.  Break up the text with some pictures of your employees and a few quick sentences or quotes from each of them!  Customers will appreciate being able to put a face to a brand name (think Steve Jobs or Anna Wintour).

5.  Who do you sell to?

Explain to browsers who your target demographic is.  If your products are gender specific, you definitely want to mention it here.  If you’re a seasonal retailer, it’s also important to make note of that as well.

6.  Where do you sell it?

If you sell in brick and mortar, you should consider sharing locations of stores where your products can be purchased.

7.  When were you founded?

Again, it’s all about building your narrative.  Something as simple as, “Born and bred in Stowe, VT in 2008, we strive to bring you rugged boots that will get you through the winter season” paints a really vivid picture for your audience.

8.  Inspiration

Who inspired you to get started and who keeps inspiring you?  Your user base can draw their own personal connections from passages like these.  It’s a great opportunity to further define what your brand stands for.

9.  Closing Statement

Thank your audience for viewing your page and provide contact information if they would like to reach out to you with any questions or concerns.  This one is important!

Consumers don’t do business with logos, or colors or business cards; they do business with people.  Share your story and watch your customer engagement grow.

Have any other tips?  Feel free to share below!