How to Retain Q1 Customers

As we approach the last few weeks of Q1 2017, eCommerce shops have worked hard this quarter to generate brand awareness online.  Now that these new customers have been acquired, the job now is to retain those shoppers for the rest of the year!  

With worldwide eCommerce revenue expected to exceed $2 trillion this year there is tremendous competition and opportunity around brand loyalty.  We are all playing in an attention economy and it is as important as ever for brands to start focusing more on their retention funnel.    

Here are a few great ways to retain your Q1 customers! 


Once a customer completes a purchase with you online, it is very likely that you will have their email address via a shipping notification or if they opted into your email newsletter.  Email marketing is the single best way to keep that customer base engaged with your brand all year long.  Further, for every $1 spent, you can expect a $38 return on investment (ROI).  Trust us, it pays to take advantage of email marketing.  


Although retargeting is associated with the conversion section of your marketing funnel, what you’ll find is the conversion and retention sections actually loop (the customer’s you retain will ultimately purchase from your store again).  If a user lands on your page and leaves without making a purchase, it’s your job to retarget that specific user by showing an ad for the products that shopper clicked on when they land on the next ad enabled website during browsing.  As it’s very rare for an initial user to purchase just from browsing, retargeting is given the job of bringing those customers back to your store and getting them to convert on their original purchase.  Psst, Pollen can help with this!


Obviously you never want to be known for bad customer service, but providing your shoppers with a seamless experience is what brings in dollars for years to come.  Good customer service is all about going above and beyond.  And we’re not just talking about answering customer questions either (although that’s important!)  Go above and beyond in your website design (creating a clean storefront), outlining product information, and providing regular news about your company, and further communicating with your customers often is really what makes the difference between a successful eCommerce store and one just holding on.


Becoming a resource for your clients is what builds lasting relationships.  Make it your goal to become a hub of eCommerce knowledge.  This can come in the form of blogging, social posts, or general email blasts of educational content.  In fact, 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing.


Whether this comes in the form of charity, local event hosting, employee incentives or all of the above, giving back is good.  Obviously you should give back to give back, but in creating a culture of positivity and openness you will in turn draw a bigger audience and have the backing of your customers!


Retaining the influx of customers you have received this quarter and turning them into repeat, long term revenue is one of the main keys to business success.  It all starts by creating a culture where shoppers want to interact with you and be associated with your brand.

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below.