How to Effectively Use Snapchat For Business

A new generation is dictating how digital content is created and consumed and Snapchat firmly sits at the top as one of the most-used vessels.  For business leaders and marketers focused on content creation, Snapchat is a unique platform that provides an opportunity for brands to get their products in front of a younger, targeted audience.

Snapchat boasts an impressive 60 million daily active users in the United States and Canada with 77% of college students using Snapchat daily.  Further, Snapchat consumers watch over 10 billion videos per day!  

Grabbing customer focus in an attention economy is goal number one for any eCommerce brand.  And thankfully, Snapchat is here to help!

Here are a few ways to effectively use Snapchat for business.  

1.  Tease New Products

Even if you don’t have Snapchat, we’re sure you’ve seen the short videos and funny photos that make it such an engaging social network.  Giving your customers a sneak peak into new product launches is a great way to build anticipation going into a new selling season.  

2.  Give a Behind the Scenes Picture

Much like a product tease, giving a behind the scenes glimpse into your operations, day-to-day, and the occasional customer shout out is a highly effective way to get eyeballs on your brand and most importantly, show users that you are engaged in their day-to-day as well.  

3.  Events

Have an event coming up in a city that you’d like to build attendance at or generate some buzz around?  Snapchat is the perfect platform to promote events, causes, or any other experiential marketing event as it gets right to your customer base and provides a quick, actionable CTA for them to pursue.  

4.  Advertise site promotions

Fun fact: 58% of college students would be likely to purchase from a brand if they were given a coupon via Snapchat.  Think of this as a more personal way of serving a video or display ad to your customer.  Even if your product line isn’t geared toward a younger generation, there are still many older users, businesses, celebrities, and other influencers who are active in the Snapchat community.  

5.  Keep it Casual

The more organic your videos and photos feel the better.  Keep the corporate environment away from this platform and focus entirely on fun, even silly, marketing initiatives to engage fans.  The more laidback the better!


By following these five tips on how to effectively use Snapchat for business, you’ll be on your way to engaging a new audience and adding in a unique way to market to and interact with your customers.

Any other tips on how your business uses Snapchat?  Feel free to comment below.