How to Attract Customers With Gift Guides

You acquired a lot of new customers over the Black Friday Weekend.  While online shoppers came out in record numbers this year, the one thing that we can count on is those Black Friday shoppers are not done spending yet.  In fact, it’s projected that as much as $117 billion will be spent in total this holiday season.

So what are some ways to stand out from the crowd and engage new and repeat customers?  Holiday Gift Guides are a perfect way to engage users and add value during the gift giving season!  

Gift guides are the perfect way of highlighting your other products and top selling inventory to further entice shoppers to spend with your brand.  By example, your customer could have bought a pair of pants with you, but wasn’t aware that your company also offers shoes.  By creating a Gift Guide on your page, it will act as a one-stop shop for all their holiday needs.

Here are 5 ways to attract customers with Gift Guides this holiday season:

1.  Choose the right inventory

Review what has been selling well this fall and review your top sellers from 2015 during the same period. Merchandise your most popular products from these periods to entice customers to engage with your brand. If you are running a static gift guide make sure to feature items that you have fully stocked. There’s nothing worse then putting in the work to create great design and copy to find out that you’re low or out of stock on the item.

2.  Make the UX count

Create a landing page on your website that is optimized for both desktop and mobile.  By dedicating an area of your website, consumers will feel more comfortable navigating your page, especially if they are unfamiliar with your brand.  

3.  Purchasing  

Similar to number two, the best thing you can do for your customers and what will wield the highest conversion rate, is to make purchasing as easy as possible.  Think about Amazon’s one-click shopping and try to mimic something as closely as you can on your site.  What we’re trying to say is avoid leading back to a new window or subsection of your site when a customer clicks on your holiday gift guide, go straight to the checkout page.  

4.  Promote Your Gift Guide

Much like you would advertising any product through Pollen or on your social channels, you should feature your gift guide here as well. Make it front and center on your Instagram, Pinterest page, blog and any other social channels you’re on. For advertising you can change your destination URL so a user lands on your gift guide page after clicking on an ad.  Additionally, promoting your gift guide through email marketing is a great way to gain traction and repeat customers this holiday season!

5.  Incentives    

Adding incentives when a customer shops your gift guide page is one surefire way to convert website traffic.  These can be as simple as offering free shipping on the specified products, or perhaps a gift card at checkout!


By following these 5 ways to attract customers with Gift Guides this holiday season, you open your target audience up to more products and turn them into repeat shoppers this year and next.  

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below!