How to Add a Location on Instagram Posts

“Location, location, location!” Yes, you’ve probably heard this phrase a few times in your life, but, let’s for a moment, apply this mentality to your social channels, specifically Instagram.

Instagram is a platform that serves as a tremendous storytelling tool. That’s right, the overhead photo of your morning coffee and croissant isn’t just about the aesthetic or the food, it’s about the restaurant, your journey there, and most important of all, your tagged location.

A common misconception, when it comes to an online retailer’s social presence, is that the content posted needs to tie directly to the product, service, or brand that you’re promoting. We know you love your store, and so do we, but what else do you love? Living in a faceless digital age, it is more important than ever to convey humanness in online campaigns — our customers need to believe we’re a real, living, breathing community (and hobbies add to the organic branding).

The goal of any business account should be to provide compelling content that engages an audience. Once you have your followers on board, the task then becomes finding ways to generate new traffic to your channel, in turn, creating broader scale brand awareness.

The beauty of location tagging is that it allows us to leverage other online channels to drive a following back to our account. So, next time you roll into Toby’s Estate Coffee for a morning espresso, make sure to tag the location. If your profile is public, others who search that Toby’s location will instantly have visibility into your post and therefore your profile. Instagram’s engagement is about 58% higher than Facebook or Twitter, making this type of marketing a no- brainer for small to medium sized businesses.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to adding a location to a post: 


1. Open Instagram


2. Open photo browser


3. Choose a photo to post, hit next


4. Write a caption, then click add location


5. Type your location, then click the address once it populates in the dropdown bar


6. Once location is added, share your photo


7. Once your post is live, you can click on the hyperlinked location


8. From there, you can see and engage with all the top and recent posts from your tagged location!

And there you have it: A simple way to generate new traffic to your channel and an engaging way to explore other content throughout Instagram.  Feel free to comment below!