Final Q4 eCommerce CheckList

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With two weeks left in 2016, it’s time to prepare your final marketing checklist!  

It’s been a huge year of growth on the eCommerce side of things, especially during this holiday season.  In fact, more than 3 million shoppers left physical stores on Black Friday this year and brought their business online, in turn, generating over $3.3 billion in just one day.  It was also a huge season for apparel companies who saw revenue gains as high as 8.5x the Cyber Monday average!  

As we close the books on 2016, here are a few Q4 eCommerce Checklist items to tie a nice bow on everything.   

1.  Online Advertising

As there is still holiday shopping to be done, continue to run your display and online advertising campaigns right up until the end of the year as consumers search for post holiday deals and buy gifts for New Year’s as well.  This can also be a good time to feature huge blowout sales that your customers couldn’t get any other time of year.  It’s human nature to procrastinate and you can bet there are still shoppers out there who haven’t completed buying all their gifts yet!   

2.  Social Media

Promote!  Cross advertising across platforms is a way to snowball effect your marketing initiatives and get the word out there.  If you’re done running product sales, think about engaging your audience in other ways such as posing questions to your followers, doing a live Q+A, or advertising a last minute giveaway.

3.  Email Marketing

Another great way to keep your customers in the loop with your holiday operations is to use email as your go-to platform for communication.  Don’t forget to A/B test and segment out your email marketing campaigns as 77% of your email ROI comes from targeted, triggered campaigns!

4.  End of Year Recap

From a financial standpoint, evaluate the areas you succeeded in and also the areas that need improvement for 2017.  The data that you draw in from your sales will paint a picture of what your top sellers are, highest selling times of the year, and also what items aren’t attracting customers so well.  If your business has been around for over a year, compare this to 2015 to ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

5.  Evaluate Top-sellers and Inventory

Once you’ve identified the top sellers, the idea is to stock up on those again as they will be big sellers in 2017.  Further, once you’ve identified the items that didn’t sell as well, consider rolling back inventory on these products for next year so you can operate with less overhead.  

6.  Strategize for 2017

A clean roadmap is key to a successful business.  From marketing and advertising operations, product inventory, and financial projections, come up with a guideline to follow next year and set out some target goals to hit for each quarter.  These will act as a light at the end of the tunnel and keep you in check throughout the year!  

7.  Thank Your Employees & Customers

Last but not least, if you have in-house employees, advisors, and regular customers, make sure you thank them.  If it wasn’t for their help along the way you wouldn’t have had such a successful year!


2016 was a great…Now let’s finish out the year strong and prepare to have an even better 2017!

Any comments or questions?  Feel free to comment below.