Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Pollen? How does it work?

Pollen is a self serve marketing automation platform. The app enables online retailers to acquire customers on Facebook and across millions of website simply and cost effectively by developing highly targeted advertising campaigns. Pollen also allows you to launch sophisticated acquisition and conversion driven campaigns all in a two minute setup process. Each campaign is automatically adjusted as it runs, optimizing campaigns of all budgets to outperform the competition.

How much does it cost?

Pollen is a pay­as­you­go platform. In our entry level tier, Start­Up, you only pay when you run ads. For a full pricing breakdown for all tiers and to see which one is right for you visit

How does the free trial work?

Pollen offers you a 7 days commission free trial so you can allocate 100% of their budgets directly toward advertising. Depending on the specific plan you choose, after 7 days the app will revert back to the tier you originally selected:

Why not advertise directly through Facebook?

With Pollen you get complete peace of mind and valuable time back. Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes your business from many different angles and automatically determines the correct targeting pool, A/B tests your ads, determines the optimal split between prospecting and retargeting, as well as more granular optimizations such as frequency caps, etc. You get all of this with a simple campaign setup process that takes 2 minutes from start to finish 🙂

Are you retargeting?

Yes, Pollen provides both prospecting and retargeting services. Upon downloading the app, Pollen will comb through your Shopify data and determine the optimal budget split between prospecting and retargeting so you can push users through your sales funnel more easily.

How do I authorize my Facebook page?

Once you have connected your Facebook in the “Manage Connections” section of Pollen, please have a person with admin rights to your Facebook business page login to Facebook directly. A notification will appear from Pollen in your business page requesting access. Please note, if you have Business Manager setup already, you will find the request there. For more detailed instructions, click here.

I submitted my campaign but I don’t see it in reporting

Once a campaign is submitted, our team performs a rigorous QA process to ensure it meets our advertising standards and is legally compliant. Once a campaign passes audit, which typically takes 1 business day, the campaign will go live and you will start to see reporting populate in your dashboard within 48hrs.

Why don’t I see any results yet?

Online advertising can take some time to accelerate, especially for new campaigns. At Pollen, we like to treat your budget as if it were our own. Instead of spending the full daily budget we start by running small tests to our initial targeting pools and lookalike audiences. Because Pollen is pacing conservatively, the process can take some time to ramp up. We are closely monitoring your account and working toward returning the best results for your brand. Please allow some time while we work to ramp up!

How do I edit my campaign?

If you’d like to edit your campaign, please send those changes to and we’ll have our team take care of everything for you!

Do you work with Magento, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, etc?

Yes! Pollen works with many retailers across a wide variety of eCommerce platforms. Please email we’ll help you get your first campaign live and driving sales!

Does Pollen pull in our product feeds/collections to serve ads?

Yes. When you download Pollen, the app will pull in product information directly from your site to generate your ads. There is no additional work that needs to be done on your end.