How Facebook’s News Feed Changes Affect Your Shopify Store

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Recent News Feed Changes

Facebook’s recent algorithm updates changed the game for Shopify stores. There was already an issue in the past regarding the organic reach of Facebook Pages. A recent study conducted by Buzzsumo after analyzing more than 880 million Facebook posts concluded that the reach of Facebook pages declined by more than 20% since January 2017.

Now, Facebook shocked digital marketers again. On January 11, 2018, Facebook publicly declared that Facebook is changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize content posted from friends, family, and groups over the content posted by brand pages.

Facebook explained that they took this decision for encouraging meaningful interaction among people. Facebook further added that they’re trying to position Facebook as not only the platform to have fun, but also a platform for people’s well-being.

This news feed algorithm change indicates that you will be seeing more of your friends’ posts on your wall and less commercial posts in the near future. The organic reach of Facebook Pages may drastically decrease in the near future.

How to Maintain Your Reach on Facebook

Facebook boasts over 1.94 billion active users. This platform must not be ignored by the marketers no matter what changes Facebook makes. While we cannot predict how the change in the algorithm will impact the overall platform, but there are ways to maintain the reach through “meaningful interactions.”

Keep on posting valuable content

Facebook wants more and more engagement on posts. This is what they meant when they said they want meaningful interactions. The pages that can make people react and comment on their posts on a regular basis will get more love from Facebook.

Include questions and write about relevant topics to make users want to post their opinions.

Stay away from engagement bait

Don’t even think about including lines like, “comment on the post if you love drinking” on your posts now. These are regarded as engagement bait, and Facebook has strictly said that these posts won’t be regarded as meaningful posts. They will demote these posts.

Encourage customers to follow your page

Facebook has enabled people to help them stay updated with their favorite pages. Ask your followers to select “See First” in their news feed preferences.

Harness the power of Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos will get more preference under the new algorithm. Zuckerberg explained that live videos encourage users to get into the meaningful discussion.

Don’t neglect the power of Facebook Groups

Aside from Facebook page, business owners must invest their time in Facebook groups. Facebook group allows you to reach out to many like-minded people that could be interested in your business. You as a business owner/marketer should try to maintain a decent image in various Facebook groups.

Increase your ad budget

The organic reach of Facebook pages is decreasing. With that said, Facebook is not trying to throw brand pages out of their platform as Facebook depends on ad revenue. The majority of FB’s revenue comes from ads, so ads aren’t going away anytime soon!

Facebook has made it easy for your brands to reach out to your targeted audience by including various features in Facebook ad manager. Increase your Facebook ad budget to get the most out of your advertisement campaigns.

Ad Targeting and Budgets are More Important Than Ever

Now more than ever, targeting the right audience on Facebook is crucial to your advertising efforts. Having your ads reach the wrong audience can harm your engagement. You as a marketer can only manage to get meaningful interactions on a regular basis by consistently reaching out to the correct targeted audiences.

With the help of Pollen, it’s possible to make sure your ads only reach those who are most likely to buy your products. Pollen uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automatically build lookalike audiences similar to your existing customers, which will help you ensure that you are spending your hard earned dollars targeting the right audience.

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What’s Next?

The announcement made by Facebook changes the game for Shopify stores. It doesn’t mean the end of Facebook marketing. Like we mentioned before, there are ways to reach your targeted audiences despite the changes in the news feed algorithm.

In the near future, marketers will come up with even more tips that can increase the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. The internet giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others will always change their algorithm to provide a pleasant experience to their users.


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May 10, 2018 at 10:57 am, Neha Shah said:

Yes, Facebook is being strict day by day for digital marketers. The dropshipping business is mostly depended on Facebook marketing and Facebook wants to spend more money on Ads to get quality results. Now, Shopify store owners have to find other marketing methods.