5 Copywriting Techniques To Improve Sales

What is eCommerce Sales Copywriting?

Copywriting: It’s not just product descriptions and website headlines. For growing eCommerce stores, there’s a bit more to it. If it was just about writing product descriptions and website headlines, there would be no need for copywriters.

Glassdoor reports that an average salary of a copywriter in the United States is just over $55,500 (excluding bonuses). If the copy produced by a copywriter is able to boost the sales by a huge margin, the copywriter salary may be increased, and they can also get a huge bonus from their employer.

In simple words, copywriting is all about producing advertising and promotional materials. Copywriters are hired for writing copies for sales pages, billboards, catalogs, and so on. A professional copywriter keeps a lot of things in their mind to write copy that sells. Strong copy can really give an online business an edge over its competitors and can play a big part in improving sales. Awesome copy can skyrocket your sales while a poor copy can keep your potential customers at bay.

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As per the latest statistic, the total number of websites on the internet now is over 1.29 billion. If you publish some low quality copy just for the sake of publishing, no one will care about your website. There are uncountable eCommerce stores and websites offering similar products and services as yours.

So, how do you differentiate? It’s definitely with your products and services along with a sales top copy. You will not be able to sell your products and services, even if you have awesome products and services on your website if you lack a strong sales copy.

The average conversion rate, according to a report is just 2.35%, but this rate goes up to 5.31% in the case of top 25% publishers. What differentiates the top 25% publishers from the rest of the publishers? It’s not only products and services that differentiate them. It’s also the quality of their sales copy.

The top publishers invest a lot of time and money to produce sales copy that rocks.

How to Write Sales Copy That Boosts Conversion Rates  

If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’re trying to produce a sales copy by yourself for your products and services that you are offering on your website. There is no separate need for a specific degree to prepare a sales copy.

With that said, it’s not an easy task to prepare alluring sales copy. There are plenty of factors that determine the quality of a sales copy. While some copywriting dos and don’ts are fairly intuitive, other tips are supported by loads of psychological and UX design research.  

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Here are five copywriting tips and techniques to improve conversions for your eCommerce store:

Use Sensory Words In Product Descriptions

Sensory words are words that convey sensation, and the brain processes these types of words differently than non-sensory words. When processing words like smooth or sweet, the brain does not just read them as text.

The brain actually processes them as if you were tasting something sweet or feeling something smooth. Using sensory words in product descriptions is an effective way to increase conversions because it brings shoppers, in a sense, closer to the item.

According to research, the closer a shopper can get to a product, the more they desire it.

Rearrange The Most Important Information

According to Nielsen, visitors only read on average 20% of the content on a given webpage.  That means placing the most important copy in the right places is a must. A ton of research exists on where web browsers’ eyes go on a screen and what they read and remember.  

Much of that research supports the primacy and recency effects. Long story short, people read and remember what is written at the top and bottom of a page, not what is in the middle.  

One study found that on average 8 out of 10 web surfers read the headline, yet only 2 in 10 read the rest. This means that the most valuable information should be in the headline of a page and at the bottom.

Create A Sense Of Exclusivity Or Community

“Experiential retail” is one of those buzzwords everyone in the retail industry is using these days, but how does an eCommerce business achieve a shopping “experience” online? One way to do this is by creating the sense that customers are part of an exclusive group or special community for purchasing a product.  

Language that invokes community like tribe, movement, or nation, while perhaps seemingly silly, can elevate the status of a brand and encourage shoppers to join and convert.

Avoid Jargon And Fluff

The geniuses are the people who can make things simple. Be very clear that your customers are normal people with an average knowledge, not experts and highly educated scholars. While some highly educated scholars may be interested in purchasing your product, but they will always be in the minority.

Businesses should seek to cast the widest net possible for potential customers. Using lots of technical industry jargon can discourage and drive away less technically literate shoppers. Product descriptions should be concise and easy to follow. This one is pretty straightforward.

Tell Stories

There are likely tons of online retailers out there offering products that compete with yours. Remember, in eCommerce, you’re not only selling products, you’re selling a lifestyle. One way for a brand to differentiate itself and have it stand out amongst its competitors is by using copy to share a compelling brand origin story.  

Adweek found that across many verticals, an authentic brand story increases a brand’s value and the likelihood shoppers will buy from it. For example, wine consumers are 5% more likely to purchase a bottle from a winemaker that shares their story instead of the standard tasting notes online.  

Consumers are also willing to pay 6% more for the bottle that comes with an authentic story. In addition, a study done by the Boston Consulting Group found that brand authenticity is one of the top qualities consumers considering when deciding from which brands to purchase.  

The same study found that for millennials, loyalty discounts are the only other factor that precedes brand authenticity when they are considering which companies to support. In sum, effectively conveying an authentic brand story is an extremely powerful way to stand out from the competition.

There are lots of things to take into consideration when writing copy for an eCommerce store. Beyond spelling and grammar (which studies show do make a big difference), word choice, content placement, and authenticity can really help an online business stand out from the pack and increase conversions.

What’s Next?

With the knowledge of these 5 copywriting techniques, we can assure you that you’re way above the level of many publishers on the internet that are selling their products on the internet. A study claims that the return on investment (ROI) from email marketing campaigns can reach up to 4,300%.

How is this possible? It’s possible because of mind-blowing sales copy that makes people take action quickly. Now, the question is should you be expecting this kind of return on investment right away after knowing these copywriting techniques?

The answer is no. There are many things you must know and learn before you can generate a super sales copy that can skyrocket your sales. However, you can expect a boost in your sales if you follow the copywriting techniques mentioned in the above section of this article.

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The most important thing for an eCommerce entrepreneur is knowledge and the desire to improve all the time. Don’t limit yourself and keep on learning if you want to continually grow your business and stand out among the competitors.  







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