How Leveraging Product Reviews Can Increase Sales

Fun fact – 77% of customers today read online reviews before committing to a purchase. Needless to say, eCommerce customer reviews play a major role in helping businesses thrive in the competitive world of eCommerce. A good review can encourage success while a negative review may cause failure. Living in a post-Amazon era, it’s vital for eCommerce businesses to build customers’ trust by providing them with quality products and services; positively luring them to leave a good review. 63% of customers prefer to purchase products that have more positive reviews and ratings. So, consequently you will enhance your store’s sales.

Trust has always been the main concern of online shoppers. With brick-and mortar companies, customers can potentially touch and test the product, question a sales representative, and in the event of a problem, revisit the company to confront the manager. E-Commerce stores don’t have this kind of leverage and have to rely on online customer reviews. The good news is that 88% of customers will trust your business’s online product review as much as word of mouth. This is why they can be an asset to your eCommerce store.

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Why Are Reviews Important for eCommerce?

So, without further ado, let’s jump into how eCommerce customer reviews can boost your store’s sales. It’s important that you make it possible for customers to leave product reviews on your eCommerce website. If your website does not already have a comment section, then eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Volusion, and Magento offer cost effective solutions. They’re all unique in their own way. Select one that is right for your store and once you’ve done so, then it’s time to get your customers’ attention.

Let’s look at an example of customer reviews:

ecommerce sales product reviews

The above image is for a matcha green tea product with over 4,000 reviews! 90% of the reviews are either 4 or 5 star reviews. We know there’s concern about faked reviews on Amazon, but according to FakeSpot, the reviews are legit. With over 4,000 highly positive reviews, you’re more likely to purchase the product right? It worked on us!

Gaining momentum with customer reviews for your eCommerce business may not be easy. Before you go paying for good reviews, keep in mind that most online shoppers today are aware of these fraudulent tactics. Purchasing good reviews for your company and negative reviews for your competitors is contrary to building an honest reputation for your company. Plus, you’d be paying for a person’s time rather than the quality of their opinion. This is why we stress the importance of honesty!

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It doesn’t hurt to ask your customers directly for reviews. Assuming you have their email, contact them directly asking them what they thought about a product. Instead of doing it manually, you can set up automatic emails to ask customers for reviews after a product is delivered to them. This strategy will remind customers how they felt about the product and encourage them to leave a review. Once you’ve received a few eCommerce customer reviews, then more customers will come out to talk about your company.

Promote Positive Reviews through Social Media

Social media platforms are great places to request and receive customer reviews in eCommerce. Interacting with customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. aids in building relationships centered around trust with your customers, boosting engagement with them whole potentially generating authentic reviews as well.

Prospective customers will have the ability to link photos and profiles to each review, enhancing their credibility and influence. Ephraim Tinoco, the developer of Instagram, stated that “We see much more engagement from posts relating to before and after or product reviews than just about any other type of Instagram post.”

Be quick when interacting with customers on social media to let them know how important they are. The faster you’re able to resolve product complaints, deal with shipping issues,and address questions, the happier your customer will be. Your visitors will be impressed by your instructiveness with customers and may seek out your products as a result.

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Face Negative Reviews Head-on

ecommerce negative reviews how to answer

It’s quite tempting but don’t just respond to reviews that rave about your products. 65% of customers feel more confident purchasing products on websites that shows negative reviews and not just the positive. Likewise, 30% of customers will believe that websites have no negative reviews – and only have positive ones – will be filled with fake reviews. The good thing is, negative reviews aren’t always bad for your business. What matters is how you respond to them. They can even be a good way for you to understand what problems your customers may have with your products and then subsequently enhance customer satisfaction.

Even when a review is not in favor of your products, thank your customer for their honest comment. Negative customer reviews in eCommerce can only harm your company you’re nonchalant and don’t offer a genuine and honest response. Prove to each customer that you value their opinion and will improve your products if needed. If you’re guilty of what the customer is accusing you of, then you should be willing to offer some type of incentive such as a promo code or free exchange. Don’t just overlook the bad customer reviews in eCommerce, this may aggravate the customer even more. Whereas responding to the customer’s concern in a positive manner may turn them into a valued customer.

You can also turn negative reviews into ads. Let’s look at the example below (even if it isn’t eCommerce related):

ecommerce negative reviews

What you see in the above image is how a ski resort turned a negative review into an ad campaign. Not a lot of companies will do this, but it’s a great way to face criticism head-on. They also received media coverage for this, increasing brand awareness even further!

Shopify Review Apps

If you’re running your eCommerce business on Shopify, here are some apps designed to help you with addressing customer reviews:

Product Review – Photo Reviews by Enormapps

shopify product review apps

Now a days as everything is going with e-commerce, customers prefer going through product reviews to decide if they want to buy a product. Products with positive reviews have more sales. In addition, reviews which include pictures from existing customers assist future customers a lot. This helps tremendously in increasing in the conversion rate.

Product Reviews

shopify product reviews app

Shopify Product reviews allows you to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other to encourage sales.

Yotpo Social Reviews

yotpo shopify product reviews app

Yotpo is a customer content marketing platform that helps brands of all sizes generate and leverage reviews, photos, and Q&A throughout the buyer journey to build trust, drive traffic, and increase conversion.

Testimonials – Now with Photo Reviews

EVM Testimonials Showcase allows you to display customer testimonials, reviews on your store in a few clicks! We often overlook the fact that most customers like to read about experience or views of other buyers before placing the order. So its important to add a page on our store website to list all the testimonials and reviews of existing customers.

Stay On Top!

Don’t get comfortable just yet! Now that you have your customers speaking up about the quality of your products it’s time to kick things up notch. You’ll want to keep the reviews coming and attract one or two new customers in the process. A sure-fire way to keep your customers’ attention is to offer them coupon codes via email or on your social media platforms.

Your main goal should be to keep the reviews coming from your customers. Once each product receives over 50 eCommerce reviews you’ll witness a 4.6% conversion rate lift. That percentage can then directly correspond to more users being driven to your store. This in turn will obviously have a positive effect on the pricing of your products and services, as well as an increase in your overall sales numbers – a real win-win situation.

It has been observed that even a reasonable amount of product reviews can directly affect your store’s conversion rates anywhere between 14% – 76%. These figures are significant enough to highlight the importance of engaging users that will purchase goods or services, and consequently leave relevant reviews as well. Once posted, even the simplest review can then be leveraged into long-term monetary returns.

What’s Next?

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shopify retargeting apps pollen advertising free trial

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