Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Live Chat

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Live Chat Technology Can Improve Customer Service

Businesses are gradually understanding the importance of offering superior customer service. A recent study shows that returning customers account for more than 48% of total eCommerce sales. Furthermore, superior customer service also increases the chance of acquiring new leads, an extremely important aspect of growing a business.

In today’s age of digital technology, businesses are not only competing for quality, but also for other important factors like speed and superior customer service. Integrating live chat is a sure-fire way to offer higher acceleration and an exceptional customer experience.

Customers are getting increasingly impatient with the evolution of technology. One survey shows that more than 42% of customers now prefer live chat because they simply don’t want to wait for the answers to their queries.

The use of live technology is still untapped, this means you can get a great return on investment if you just add live technology to your eCommerce website.

How do you use live chat for eCommerce?

The task of integrating live chat to an eCommerce website is extremely easy, thanks to various live chat providers. Live chat can be easily integrated into any eCommerce store regardless of the app used to build the site, be it Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, Magneto, or others.

How do you use FB Messenger for eCommerce?

FB Messenger is not only an app for personal chat; it can also be used for boosting eCommerce sales. Facebook Messenger Ad, a product offered by Facebook, can significantly enhance your eCommerce sales. Check out the complete instructions on how to use FB Messenger to boost your eCommerce sales.

Real-world examples of live chat

Here are some real-world examples that exemplify the power of live chat.

Toys ‘R’ US

toys r us live chat ecommerce


wine.com live chat ecommerce


warby parker live chat ecommerce

5 reasons to put live chat on your eCommerce website

There are plenty of reasons to integrate live chat to your eCommerce store. This small investment can help you stay ahead of the competition and boost your sales. Here are some of the top reasons to consider integrating live chat to your online store.

  • Live chat is convenient

A study conducted by Forrester found that more than 44% of  customers want their queries answered by alive person in the middle of making a purchasing decision.

Having live chat on an eCommerce website allows customers to get help almost immediately. This means the wait time for the customer is significantly reduced. here is also no need for the customer to write a lengthy email or get on the phone to receive help. It’s similar to chatting on messenger, which is quick, easy and convenient.

  1. Boosts conversion rates

The problem of low conversion is a very common issue for eCommerce store owners. However, installing live chat can help significantly boost the conversion rate of your site. A case study published by MarketingSherpa, involving live chat and Total Gym Fitness, found that after the implementation of live chat, Total Gym Fitness was able to increase their online orders by 39% followed by a tremendous increase in customer engagement. Customers’ questions and concerns can be immediately addressed with the help of live chat, leading to a higher conversion rate.

  1. High satisfaction rate

Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate when compared to email, phone, social media, messaging, and various other mediums of communication (Source). Another study shows that customers were far more likely to return to a site that offers live chat.

  1. Cuts down on expenses

Two major goals of business are to cut down expenses and increase profit. The integration of live chat helps your business achieve both of these goals. Employees inevitably spend less time on the phone after the installation of live chat,  and, the agent now possesses the ability to interact with more than one customer simultaneously, better optimizing your employee’s time.

After the installation of live chat, telephone and waiting queue expenses can be significantly reduced.

  1. Competitive advantage

A recent study shows that many top retailers are yet to integrate live chat to their website. Including live chat on your site can thus help your business gain competitive advantage. The inclusion of live chat will not only increase your conversion, but it will also increase your chances of retaining your valued customers.

Best Practices for Live Chat/Messenger

While it’s true that integrating live chat can significantly boost your sales, it will only work to your advantage if you use it properly. Here are some of the best practices for integrating live chat/messenger into your eCommerce site. Keeping these simple suggestions in mind will help you utilize live chat to its maximum potential.

  • Live chat must align with your business goals. It should be integrated in such a way that it will be able to reduce wait time, cart-abandonment rate, and solve customer issues.
  • Live chat must be implemented in such a way that it will not hamper the user experience. You must decide the appropriate pages to integrate live chat, the ideal timing of when the live chat appears, and the chat location, all for optimizing user experience.
  • Fulfill staff requirements and train your staff on how to utilize the power of live chat.
  • Monitor your performance and make necessary adjustments to your live chat strategy.

Top Shopify Apps for eCommerce stores

Listed here are some of the best apps that can aid in taking your eCommerce site to the next level. Check out the list of apps.

Next Steps

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to incorporate live chat to your eCommerce site, it would certainly benefit your company to integrate live chat as soon as possible.

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