eCommerce Facebook Advertising: Why Your Brand Should Start Today!

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eCommerce Facebook Advertising

Let’s talk about why eCommerce brands should use Facebook ads. Facebook boasts over 1.28 billion daily active users (still increasing at a rapid pace). In short, those billions of users provide valuable information for eCommerce marketers, such as age, location, likes and dislikes, as well as insights into social circles and friend groups. It’s a goldmine of data for brands to capitalize on. However, with so many options, finding an effective initial campaign strategy can be tough. And scaling results once you gain some initial traction can be even tougher.

What makes Facebook so amazing for marketers is that it is consistently improving. According to a report, Facebook is heavily investing in AI to improve both advertisers’ and users experience with Facebook. What this means is that ads will become effective on an ever improving version of Facebook.

Why You Can’t Ignore Facebook Ads for Your eCommerce Business

Here’s what you’re missing by not opting for Facebook advertising. Here are some of the top reasons why eCommerce brands must use Facebook advertising as a vital part of their overall marketing strategy.

1.  Generate brand awareness

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It’s no secret that Facebook is built on the principle of sharing ideas and information. Just think of the global reach: over 85% of traffic comes from outside of the U.S. With over 2 billion active users and 22 billion ad clicks every single year, Facebook is definitely one of the best mediums for the eCommerce brands to awareness. Facebook has really proven to be one of the best places on the web to discover new things, especially brands!

2.  Advanced Targeting

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There are tons of advertising options offered by Facebook, such as video ads, offer ads, lead ads, and others. Your eCommerce business can choose one of the many ad options offered by Facebook, according to this goal. The Facebook audience can be targeted in many different ways by advertisers.

Not only can you target customers based off of age, location, and gender, but you can also build lookalike audiences that mirror your current customer list for increased refinement. Not sure how to achieve this? No problem! Pollen does this for you automatically!

3.  A/B Test Ad Units

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Facebook results can be tricky to scale as it’s tough to test creative on the fly. Operating through Pollen, you’ll never have to worry about this. Your ads will automatically be given budget based on the top performers so your dollars are always going to the right place!

4. Save Time & Money

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Facebook ads are probably one of the most effective and affordable advertising options available to advertisers. Unlike other advertising mediums, which can cost you anywhere around hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can get started with Facebook ads with as low as $1-5 a day.

Some of you may be very concerned about the time taken to run a Facebook ad campaign. If you’ve set up a campaign manually through Facebook, you know it can take some time…sometimes a very long time. Operating through Pollen takes 2 minutes from start to finish! We’re not joking.    

5. Reach

ecommerce facebook advertising shopify pollen

Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the world by a huge margin. The prospects that you can reach with Facebook is simply unimaginable.

Like we mentioned before, it has over 2 billion active users all over the world, and this user base even exceeds the total population of China. However, you may come across the problem of setting an optimum budget for your ad campaign and reaching out to the right people via Facebook.

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Advertising through Pollen allows you to optimize your budget for both prospecting and retargeting across the web and on Facebook. Want to serve retargeting ads to users after they’ve left a lite or a social page? No problem!

Setting up Facebook Ads Manually vs. Using Pollen for Facebook Advertising

You may have noticed that we have mentioned Pollen throughout this article. You may be thinking, “ what’s so special about Pollen?” To make it simple, let’s compare setting up Facebook Ads manually vs. using Pollen for Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ads Setup

  1. Set your goals

Before jumping into launching an ad campaign with Facebook, it’s a must for an advertiser to decide what they want from the campaign. Here are some of the goals that eCommerce advertisers have in mind:

  • Increase web traffic
  • Creation of new leads
  • Boost engagement via Facebook Page
  • Enhance event attendance

     2. Move to Facebook Ads Manager

After being clear about what you really want from your Facebook ad campaign, you are ready to move ahead with setting up a Facebook ad. To do this, you need to go to the Facebook Ads Manager. You can also go to setup an ad campaign by clicking “Manage Ads” on your Facebook Page.

    3. Choose your objective

To create a brand new Facebook ad campaign, you need to select the objective at first. You will be provided with 15 different objectives by Facebook and all of them falls under either awareness objectives or conversion objectives.

   4. Customizing your target audience and set an appropriate budget

This set is most likely the most difficult and time-consuming task for advertisers. The advertisers must be clear about their target audience regarding their age, interest, location, language, and so on. After setting the criteria for their target audience, the advertiser must allocate an appropriate budget for an ad campaign.

   5. Create an ad campaign

After completing all the steps that are mentioned above, you are now ready to create your ad campaign. Choose from different types of ads that are offered by Facebook and place the order.

The task of creating an ad campaign with Facebook manually is a bit time-consuming, especially for the advertisers who are not sure of whom they want to target with their ads. Even, the very experienced marketers are not sure of whom they want to target with Facebook ads because they are not crystal clear of their potential customers.

Pollen Ad Set Up – Under 2 Minutes

With Pollen, you have an edge over those advertisers who are manually setting up their Facebook ads. Pollen helps you to autopilot your overall ad setup process. This marketing automation app helps advertisers to run highly ads to potential customers on Facebook and across millions of other websites on the internet.

See the video below to see just how easy it is to set up a Facebook ad campaign with Pollen:

Pollen automatically pulls out the data from the store’s email list, website engagement, social page engagement, and create a similar audience that matches current visitors and traffic. This amazing app also optimizes budgets for prospecting and retargeting.

Furthermore, Pollen also automatically A/B test and suggests the separate budget to the top performing ads. All these features of Pollen allow the advertisers to get the best out of their advertising campaigns despite their lack of advertising experience.

What’s Next?

As you can see, Facebook advertising for eCommerce businesses is an incredibly powerful tool. Combining Facebook’s reach with Pollen’s artificial intelligence and simplicity, you can say hello to advertising on autopilot. Want to get started? Reach out to!

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