• Last Minute Guide: Black Friday Weekend Customer Retention

    Welcome to the final article in our 3-part series!  To recap, we’ve covered different strategies to activate the acquisition and conversion sections of your marketing funnel to help you drive more traffic and sales during one of the biggest spending weekends of the year.  

    In this article, we’ll be focusing on the last part of your funnel, customer retention.  If you’ve followed our advice in the other two articles in this series you’ll likely see an increase in customers on your site during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Keeping those shoppers interested in your products and your brand top of mind will lead to a successful December and will set you on a course for a strong 2017. 

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  • Last Minute Guide: Black Friday Weekend Customer Conversion

    To continue on with the 2nd article in our 3-part series, we’d like to bring you our last minute guide to Black Friday Weekend customer conversion.  

    Conversions are the name of the game on Black Friday, but with stiff competition and even steeper sales to rival, potential shoppers can be suade to another brand easily.  Don’t fret though.  To combat this, we’ve put together this last minute guide to Black Friday Weekend customer conversion.   

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  • Last Minute Guide: Black Friday Weekend Acquisition

    Attention!  Attention!  Attention!  Black Friday Weekend is 7 days away!

    Over the past month, we’ve written extensively about the Black Friday Weekend and how to get the most out of these 4 days (yes, we’re tagging on Cyber Monday as well).  As with most business goals, planning is key.  That said, if you haven’t started planning yet, we’ve put together a series of articles to guide you through the best ways to activate the 3 main areas of your marketing funnel this holiday season.  

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  • Can’t Miss Holiday Marketing Events

    The holiday marketing season is in full swing.  With two months left in 2016, let’s finish the year on a strong note! 

    As you can probably imagine, Q4 is the biggest spending time of the year for eCommerce shops.  In fact, last year online retailers saw just about $90 billion in revenue generated in the United States!  Further, historically, apparel shops have seen 22% of their annual revenue come in during the months of November and December.  And, it’s no surprise that electronics and appliances go fast during the cooler months as well.  

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  • 5 Essential Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More This Holiday Season

    The holidays are about giving!  While giving comes in all different shapes, sizes, and price ranges (free included, of course), for eCommerce shoppers, giving is achieved by buying.  For online shops, buying is achieved by selling 🙂 

    Digital sales on Cyber Monday jumped by 20% last year and are expected to grow again this year.  And with an average order values on Cyber Monday expected to increase from the all time high of $123.43 in 2015, now is as good of a time as ever to jump in head first.   

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  • 10 Public Speaking Tips to Increase Confidence

    Whether you’re presenting to a boardroom, giving a sales pitch to a potential client, going on an interview, or even coaching your kid’s sports team, chances are, at some point you’ll be doing a little public speaking.  

    Commanding an audience is no easy feat.  Top executives and politicians make it look easy, but even the most seasoned public speaker can get a case of the nerves.  For us mortals, it can happen frequently and limit our ability to accurately express the great ideas on our mind.

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  • Can’t-Miss Events for Your Summer Marketing Calendar

    Be proactive.  If there’s one rule you should always follow, this is it.   As an online retailer, you’re familiar with the dangers of getting into reactive situations — yes, you know, the ones that almost always end in sleepless nights and sub-optimal results.  Your calendars are probably marked with the big upcoming dates like 4th of July and back to school shopping but, let’s not neglect the bevy of events that can be catalysts for online sales in the months of July and August.   

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  • 8 Ways to Motivate Employees

    Your employees aren’t lazy.  Well, maybe sometimes they are (after all, it is summer), but the truth is, you did, in fact, hire skilled and committed workers who will ultimately help grow your company.  

    In order to sustain that motivated workforce, here are 8 tips to keep employees engaged.   

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  • How to Take Better Smartphone Photos

    By now, you’ve probably said goodbye to the days of carrying around cumbersome and expensive cameras and equipment.  As mobile devices continue to consolidate existing technologies, one thing we can all agree on is that your smartphone’s camera is likely one of your most used applications. 

    The incorporation of HD capabilities in smartphone cameras have steamrolled the consumer-facing photography industry and, for better or for worse, allowed the typical user to capture, what appear to be (ie on mobile devices, websites, and social media platforms), near perfect quality images.

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  • How to Add a Location on Instagram Posts

    “Location, location, location!” Yes, you’ve probably heard this phrase a few times in your life, but, let’s for a moment, apply this mentality to your social channels, specifically Instagram.

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  • Re-targeting with Google AdWords

    Acquiring new clients is the hardest thing for any retail store, regardless of size. Poln helps you with the hard part of driving qualified new users to your online store. With Poln, you can leverage a number of partner technologies to ensure that your visitors become customers and then loyal users. Leveraging the new users […]

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  • Giving the Little Guys Control of the Big Guns

    On behalf of our team at Poln (pronounced, “Pollen”), we’d like to take a moment to thank you for being a part of this journey.

    Poln started with a singular mission: make online advertising incredibly easy for retailers. We set out to democratize and demystify advertising, making it available to companies that don’t necessarily have deep pockets and huge teams…

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