• 10 Sales Promotion Hacks to Build Customer Engagement

    As online retailers we all fight to sell our products at full price. There are times though when it’s necessary to discount or run promotions. Whether you’re price matching a large wholesale account, you’ve anniversaried a sale, or you just need to move excess inventory off your shelves, promos are a sure fire way to boost engagement.  

    Here’s a list of sales promotion ideas that will turn browsers into buyers!

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  • How to Write an About Us Page

    Most purchases are made for emotional reasons.  Your brand narrative is one of the main factors that will trigger a positive emotional response from customers. The About Us section of your website is a great place to tell your story and build trust and goodwill with users.

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  • 10 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

    Congratulations, you made it through the 4th of July weekend rush!  We know your sales took planning, hard-work, and execution, so give yourselves some much deserved time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

    As we move through the rest of the summer, let’s keep that motivation high as the big selling months are still on the horizon.  Q4 generates the greatest amount of revenue for most online businesses.  In fact, the last quarter of 2015 actually saw over $108billion in sales generated for online retailers and we’re sure this year’s figures will far exceed.   

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  • How to Write Great Email Subject Lines

    As an online shop, you’re likely doing some form of email marketing to your customers.  Not entirely happy with your results and opens?  Fear not, this is a common problem.   A major contributing factor, that you might want to investigate further, is the strength of your email subject lines.  Let us explain…

    If you’re like us, you get a ton of “junk” emails everyday.  And yes, just like us, you delete the vast majority without ever giving it an open.  First things first, marketing comes in all different shapes and sizes and it never really stops.  Since you’re trying to grow your business, it’s important to find ways to showcase your product and get browsers to view your page as frequently as possible.  One way to do that is through email marketing.

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  • Effective and Automated Marketing

    Online advertising is encased in a web of mystery that is infuriating, complicated or requires a computer science degree. 

    However, measuring effectiveness of marketing and advertising is a necessity. If you don’t know what’s performing, there’s no way to effectively increase performance. 

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  • The Attention Economy

    The economics of any particular business is something that is discussed constantly. For our clients, this often means the quantification of things like “Cost of Goods Sold”, “Conversion Rate” or “Cash Flow.” At the most basic level though, everyone knows that economics boil down to supply and demand. What we tend to forget, however, is that the internet has created scarcity of a commodity that is almost always excluded when we create our spreadsheets: Attention. 

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