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    Creating Effective Display Ads

    Display advertising is one of the most popular forms of digital advertising. This form of advertising makes use of various images, logos, videos, and other rich forms of media to entice people into clicking on an ad that leads to the landing page of your website.

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  • 5 Call to Action Strategies to Lift Conversion Rates

    Your new eCommerce store is up and running.  Visitors are coming to the site.  Half the battle is already won!  After some time, you notice that your conversion rates have not lifted, but also that bounce rates are not particularly high.  So, what is going on, and what can you do about it?

    Based on this scenario, there is a good chance that the store lacks an effective call to action (CTA).  A CTA tells a store’s visitors what to do, what to buy, or where to click.  It can help shoppers begin navigating a site and can serve as the shortest path to a conversion.  Without a clear and effective CTA, a site’s visitors may lack direction and decide to leave.  

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    Essential eCommerce Website Features

    There is tremendous upside to doing business online.  Brands can connect with shoppers all over the world with a level of ease impossible to achieve by brick and mortar stores.  However, one thing eCommerce businesses fall behind traditional stores in is the personal touch real salespeople can provide.  One way eCommerce retailers can make up for this lack of personal attention is by having a thoughtfully designed website.  An inviting, easy to navigate online storefront can be a huge game changer in a driver down a site’s bounce rates and lifting conversion rates.

    Here are 4 essential eCommerce website features that every store needs!  

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  • Boost Conversion Rates Through Product Photography

    Website aesthetics are becoming increasingly important in eCommerce.  The shift from physical stores to digital means that online pages now serve as a brand’s storefront.  Everything from how the store is laid out to how the products look on their digital shelves is critical in drawing in customer attention.  

    One thing that consumers won’t miss in an attention economy is a beautiful looking product.  In fact, a restaurant menu can increase sales of an item by as much as 30% by including a photograph of the dish.  Applying this to eCommerce, 67% of consumers report that quality of a product image is extremely important when deciding on whether to make a purchase.  

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  • 5 Website Design Tips for Your eCommerce Store

    2017 will undoubtedly see unprecedented growth in the eCommerce space.  As more and more shoppers move to online buying, the competition will not only be stiff from a product and marketing standpoint, but also from a user experience (UX) one.  

    Plain and simple, as the owner of an eCommerce business, it’s important to make the realization early on that your website is your storefront.  Implementing an aesthetic that is on brand, draws in your desired customer, and is easy to navigate is fundamental in growing your business.  In fact, given 15 minutes to browse content on the web, 66% of people would rather read something that is aesthetically pleasing than just a plain interface.  Needless to say, it’s time to move your website overhaul to the top of your to-do list! 

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  • Tips For Creating Effective Display Advertisements

    Making the leap to running display advertising campaigns across the web can often be a scary one for some small businesses.  The apprehension stems from either the task of developing campaign strategy and targeting, or just as frequently, business owners are not quite sure how to successfully activate these campaigns from a creative standpoint.  

    While display advertising is part art and part science, the ad creative you set forth is often times the first time a potential customer interacts with your brand, especially if you are focusing on the prospecting stage of your marketing funnel.  Having a defined brand image and product photography on hand is step one. 

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  • 6 Creative Best Practices for Your Holiday Ads

    Now that your holiday calendar is organized and you’re ready to implement the marketing plan, the next step in the process is to effectively advertise what you’re planning on selling.  With some stiff competition this holiday season comes a great opportunity for your brand to shine.  In fact, holiday return on ad spend (ROAS) skyrocketed to 113% last year.  Most importantly, designing creative that promotes your brand effectively will set you apart from the rest. 

    A strong ad is not just important during the holidays, it’s a necessity.  Engagement rates also saw a huge lift last year with desktop click-through-rates increasing by 104% and mobile up 11% across the board during November and December.  Creating a compelling advertisement is a key step in driving revenue for your brand during the holiday season. 

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  • 6 Ways to Optimize Your Website for The Holidays

    The 2016 holiday season is going to be a big one in terms of browsing activity and dollars spent.  Last year saw $3.19 billion in digital sales on Cyber Monday and this year that figure is expected to increase again.  Needless to say, if you’re an online retailer, it’s time to start planning! 

    We’ve written previously about getting customers to your website during the holidays and boosting sales during the holiday season, but let’s drill down on an important category that falls between these two: optimizing your website for the holidays.  

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  • 10 Tips for Designing Banner Ads That Drive Sales

    Your ad creative may be the first time a customer interacts with your brand. It’s important to use these opportunities to make a lasting impression. Everybody is different but there are some strategies you can use to help your ads stand out from the rest. 

    Here are 10 tips for designing banner ads that drive sales.  

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  • Website Design 101

    In today’s world, your website is your storefront.  And, just like your storefront, your page layout is a direct reflection of the quality of your products, the service you provide, and where you stand in your respective industry. As with anything in life, you should put your best foot forward and showcase your strengths, all while keeping the aesthetic as inviting as possible and providing all the necessary details to your customers so they feel comfortable buying from you.  

    We’ve seen the industry change a lot in the past decade.  Brands and retailers that would have historically opened brick and mortar businesses, have now opted to take an online-first approach. Brands like TheGrandVoyage.comWarbyParker.com, and Bonobos.com are shining examples of this.  A physical location is now an afterthought for many store owners.

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  • 12 Apps to Boost Workplace Productivity

    Mobile has changed the way we interact with the internet.  Can you remember the last time you typed in a URL address on your smartphone?  Neither can we.  Welcome to the age of apps: an obvious, but necessary resource to help boost productivity on the go and in the office.

    With the exception of a few industries, it’s actually fairly easy to get work done from your smartphone. We know, app stores can feel like a bit of a jungle, but that said, take some time to explore these marketplaces as there are some gems out there that can help you be more productive entrepreneurs, marketers, sales people, etc.  

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  • Top 10 Websites to Find Free Icons

    A picture is worth a thousand words and an icon can save you a hundred words. 

    Here’s a list of our favorite sites to find free icons. Use them for your next TPS report,  mobile update or when you’re building your next site:

    1 – Linea 

    730+ free outline icon sets

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  • 5 Free Stock Photo Sites for Small Businesses

    Using high quality imagery on your social media accounts, website, blog, and email campaigns is crucial to your visual marketing success. Sourcing your own photography is a costly proposition, that in many cases, can be avoided altogether by utilizing Copyright Free Stock Photos.  

    1 – Pexels (https://www.pexels.com)
     Image Style: commercial, contemporary, eclectic

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  • Free Tool To Design Call-To-Action Buttons

    Every great ad has a strong Call-To-Action. One of the best ways to draw attention to your ad is to add a CTA button. You can spend hours building out a CTA button Photoshop or Illustrator but a great way to shave a bit of time is to use a CTA button generator.

    Buttonoptimizer.com offers a free tool that let’s you customize your CTA button and download it into PNG format or CSS code. With Buttonoptimizer, you can select the color, font, and styling that fits your brand and marketing needs.

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  • Compressing Photoshop Files for Advertising

    Whether you’re updating your website, finessing an Instagram post or creating an ad – chances are, you’re using Adobe Photoshop. 

    Here’s a quick guide to compressing images to 40kb while retaining quality: 

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