• 5 Black Friday Promotion Ideas to Boost Holiday Revenue

    Let’s face it.  For consumers, Black Friday is all about buying and for businesses, it’s all about selling.  2015 saw almost $6 billion spent online in the US over the course of this weekend and 2016 is headed even higher.  We know you have been working like crazy stocking up on inventory, organizing your marketing calendar, and ramping up your advertising.  

    As customers will be fighting to find the best deals online, we thought we’d offer some guidance on creating some promotional ideas that will really grab your audience’s attention. 

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  • 6 Creative Best Practices for Your Holiday Ads

    Now that your holiday calendar is organized and you’re ready to implement the marketing plan, the next step in the process is to effectively advertise what you’re planning on selling.  With some stiff competition this holiday season comes a great opportunity for your brand to shine.  In fact, holiday return on ad spend (ROAS) skyrocketed to 113% last year.  Most importantly, designing creative that promotes your brand effectively will set you apart from the rest. 

    A strong ad is not just important during the holidays, it’s a necessity.  Engagement rates also saw a huge lift last year with desktop click-through-rates increasing by 104% and mobile up 11% across the board during November and December.  Creating a compelling advertisement is a key step in driving revenue for your brand during the holiday season. 

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  • The Procrastinator’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Check List

    Late to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday party?  It’s time to act and act fast!  Yes, in an ideal world, your Black Friday and Cyber Monday planning would have started in October or before, but we know, often times the ideal situation is far from the realistic situation.  While your business priorities might have been elsewhere over the last month, now is the time to go full steam ahead into what will be a historic buying weekend in stores and online. 

    While Black Friday planning takes time and effort from everyone in your organization, there are some easy first steps to take today to ensure your eCommerce shop has a successful weekend.

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  • What is Singles Day and Why Should Your eCommerce Store Care?

    Let us introduce: Singles Day.  As you guessed, Singles Day is the opposite of Valentine’s Day and geared completely to those of us out there flying solo.  But trust us, it’s not nearly as lonely as it sounds.  

    We know you have your sights set on the Black Friday weekend and general holiday season; however, Singles Day is a great opportunity for your brand to test the waters and give a fun marketing push 2 weeks before the typical holiday chaos starts.  

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  • 6 Customer Retention Strategies for the Holidays

    The 2016 holiday season will undoubtedly see an increase in website traffic and sales for your eCommerce shop.  Just how big is the Black Friday weekend through Thanksgiving?  Last year data released by Adobe reported $4.45 billion online on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day! 

    Pollen has the top of your marketing funnel covered this holiday season, but while driving qualified prospects to your site is key, moving the influx of traffic through your sales funnel and turning those users into loyal, repeat business year after year is the key to a successful Black Friday weekend. 

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  • Gearing Up For A Successful Cyber Monday

    Preparing for Cyber Monday is not as daunting as it may seem, we promise!  To alleviate some of the headache around planning, focus your efforts around these four areas: inventory, marketing and advertising, sales and promotions, and leveraging historical shopping data to drive the best results for your business this year.  

    We know there’s a lot of competition surrounding Cyber Monday, but it truly provides a great window for your business to get in front of new customers. 


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  • 5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

    As your online business is prepping for the holiday spending season, it’s ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ to set your eCommerce shop apart from the crowd. 

    It’s no secret that the biggest selling times of the year are November and December.  In fact, many companies over the past few years have reported generating over 20% of their yearly revenue just in these months.  

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  • What is an Email Blast and How Does it Work?

    Let us start out by saying, email blasts (eBlasts) are not spam.  In fact, an email blast serves as just the opposite; these are very highly targeted campaigns that are intended to go to specific individuals in your customer email database.

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  • 5 Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic During The Holidays

    The holiday advertising season is upon us!  While it’s true that online marketing and advertising is a holistic pursuit, there are a combination of platforms that need to be utilized in each area of your marketing funnel to effectively drive traffic to your website.  

    Regardless of size, the biggest issue online retailers face is getting customers to their website.  That’s because, without an initial flow of qualified prospects, customer conversion and customer retention are not possible.

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  • Can’t Miss Q4 Marketing Events

    Can you believe it?  Another year is almost in the books!  We know you worked hard the last nine months, so let’s all make sure we finish the year on a strong note.  

    As you can probably imagine, Q4 is the biggest spending time of the year for eCommerce shops.  In fact, last year online retailers saw just about $90 billion in revenue generated in the United States!  Further, historically, apparel shops have seen 22% of their annual revenue come in during the months of November and December.  And, it’s no surprise that electronics and appliances go fast during the cooler months as well.  

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  • Optimize Your Website to Increase Conversions

    You’ve designed your website, set up shop, and you’re ready to start selling. The hard part’s over, right? Finding eager, devoted shoppers will be easy… think again. For every successful business out there, there are several similar ones that failed along the way because they didn’t pay attention to attracting, retaining and nurturing their customers.

    Increasing traffic to your store is tricky enough, and you also have to deal with engaging new shoppers, and of course, there’s the unavoidable risk of high shopping cart abandonment. Starting a business is nonstop work, but there are some easy ways you can use your website to increase conversions and get shoppers shopping.

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  • 7 Customer Retention Strategies To Grow Revenue

    Poln’s got the top of your marketing funnel covered.  While driving qualified prospects to your site is key, moving those users through your funnel and turning them into loyal, repeat business is what long-term business success is all about.  

    Why is retention so important?  Well, studies show that by increasing customer retention rates by 5% you can increase company profits by 25%-95%.  Take a minute to put some of your own numbers behind that.  Smiling yet? 

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  • How to Create the Perfect Call to Action

    We all know that display advertising has grown significantly in the past few years.  In fact, it’s difficult to find a site nowadays that isn’t ad enabled.  With that said, it’s a great time for online businesses to get in on the action!  In order to reap the benefits of the expected $24 billion in projected revenue from display ads this year, it’s crucial to find ways to make your ads stand out. 

    At Poln, we’ve put together 10 tips for designing banner ads that drive sales, but let’s drill down further on this topic.  One of the ways to really draw users into your advertisements is to create the perfect call to action on your ads.  A call to action is so important because it makes your ad “clickable.”  CTA’s are typically in the form of a button.  This helps the CTA jump off of your advertisement.  

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  • instagram contest ideas

    5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    Instagram keeps growing.  Right now, the platform boasts 400 million active monthly users who share 80 million photos per day.  Pretty mind blowing, right?  Although statistics alone can’t exactly explain the phenomenon, we can hypothesize that the idea of sharing images and glimpses into our day with other users is one of the most powerful forms of advertising in itself.  

    As smaller online retailers, it’s easy to see the successes that larger companies have enjoyed on the platform, but with so much noise from the giants, it can be hard to really refine a marketing strategy.

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  • 10 Tips for Designing Banner Ads That Drive Sales

    Your ad creative may be the first time a customer interacts with your brand. It’s important to use these opportunities to make a lasting impression. Everybody is different but there are some strategies you can use to help your ads stand out from the rest. 

    Here are 10 tips for designing banner ads that drive sales.  

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