Can’t Miss Q4 Marketing Events

Can you believe it?  Another year is almost in the books!  We know you worked hard the last nine months, so let’s all make sure we finish the year on a strong note.  

As you can probably imagine, Q4 is the biggest spending time of the year for eCommerce shops.  In fact, last year online retailers saw just about $90 billion in revenue generated in the United States!  Further, historically, apparel shops have seen 22% of their annual revenue come in during the months of November and December.  And, it’s no surprise that electronics and appliances go fast during the cooler months as well.  

To take full advantage of what Q4 has to offer, we recommend that you ramp up your advertising sooner rather than later and lead the charge in the holiday season!

Here are a few can’t miss Q4 marketing events you should have on your marketing calendar!

October 10th: Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a celebrated holiday for many countries in the Americas.  The day recognizes the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus.  Typically, brands will run sales on this day, so feel free to participate in the online festivities.  

October 10th: Thanksgiving Day (Canada)

Thanksgiving is a federally recognized holiday in the Canada and the United States.  Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for family, friends, and good fortunes.  

October 29th: Internet Day

Internet Day was started to celebrate the power and influence of the world wide web.  Without it, your E-commerce site wouldn’t be here today…and neither would we!

October 31st: Halloween

We know that you might not sell costumes, but Halloween is really the start of holiday spending season.  Get ready!  

November 6th: NYC Marathon

The NYC Marathon is an international sporting event that features professional and nonprofessional runners competing in a 26 mile road race.  Sell athletic shoes?  This is a great event to advertise around.  

November 6th: Daylight Savings Time Ends

In the United States, this marks the time of year when days get shorter, in terms of light.  This is also, unofficially, considered the start of winter and the beginning of the holiday season.  

November 8th: Election Day (United States)

Get out and vote…and tell your customers to as well!  

November 11th: Singles Day

This one might shock you, but in terms of spending, it’s actually bigger than Valentine’s Day.  You definitely want to promote this date to all your single ladies and gents out there.  Alibaba reported $16.3 billion in revenue last year on singles day alone!  

November 11th: Veteran’s Day

Give a special thank you to all the veterans out there who have served in the United States Armed Forces.  

November 16th: Button Day

Button Day is a great opportunity to showcase apparel that has, you guessed it, buttons.  This is also a key time to build some anticipation in your customer base for the holiday season.  Give them a preview of what you have in store for them!  

November 24th: Thanksgiving Day (United States)

Thanksgiving is a federally recognized holiday in the United States and Canada; however, in Canada, it’s celebrated on the second Monday in October.  Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for family, friends, and good fortunes.  As an online retailer, it’s also time to prep yourselves for the madness that starts tomorrow!

November 25th: Black Friday

Black Friday is the the biggest shopping day in the United States.  Prepare for this day now!  Yes, right now!

November 26th: Small Business Saturday

If you’re a small business, this is your time to shine.  Take advantage of every advertising chance you get leading up to this holy Saturday.  

November 28th: Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day all year in the US.  We’re hoping you’re not too exhausted yet.  Retailers reported $3 billion in revenue in the US last year!  So definitely make sure you’re giving your company an extra advertising push today and communicating sales on your website, through email blasts, and on your social channels.   

December 9th: Christmas Card Day

Christmas Card Day is when consumers typically order their holiday cards.  If you’re in this business, make sure you’re pushing sales/promotions across your online network.

December 16th: Free Shipping Day

Most online retailers offer free shipping today and you should too.  Last minute shoppers typically need to order by the 16th to ensure their packages arrive by Christmas Day.  Encourage them to go with your brand by offering the extra perk of free shipping.  

December 24th: Christmas Eve

Wish your customers and their family and friends a Merry, or Happy, Christmas Eve.  

December 24th: First Night of Hanukkah

The first night of Hanukkah falls on the same day as Christmas Eve this year, which means, you’ll likely have an increase in traffic to your site during the typical Christmas time shopping cycle.  Prepare accordingly!  

December 25th: Christmas Day

Again, wish your customers a Merry, or Happy, Christmas.  Don’t forget to post some holiday themed images on your social channels to get your following in the spirit!    

December 26th: Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is a celebration that honors African heritage in the Americas.  Wish your customers a Happy Kwanzaa!

December 26th: Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a public holiday in the UK.  If your customer base is in the UK, make sure you wish them a Happy Boxing Day.  

December 31st: New Years Eve

You made it through another year!  Thank your customers for their support throughout these past 12 months.  Wish them a happy and healthy new year and go enjoy the fireworks!


These will be your go-to, can’t miss Q4 marketing events!  Any others you plan to target?  Feel free to comment below!