Can’t Miss Fall Marketing Events

Time to look ahead again.  It’s hard to believe that fall is starting next month and Back to School shopping will be in full swing these first few weeks of August.  As students and parents gear up for the semester, and fall shoppers look to update their wardrobe for the cooler months ahead, marketing around the last days of summer will prove invaluable to your online business.  By the way, consumers in the US are expected to spend $68 billion this year on back to school shopping, which is only second to holiday spending in winter.  

Your online store can benefit greatly by building brand awareness momentum leading into the holiday shopping season in Q4.

Here are a few upcoming events that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

1.  Back to School Shopping/Beginning of fall spending (Fall officially starts September 22nd)

Plan to execute your marketing campaigns far before fall’s official start date this year (9/22).  Top retailers start their marketing and advertising during the first 2 weeks of August as it provides a large enough window for customers to get acquainted with your new product offerings and brand.  Back to School sales are also highly effective.  In 2015, about 26-50% of purchases around Back to School were influenced by offers and sales.  

2.  The 2016 Summer Olympics (August 5th – 21st)

The Rio Olympic games this year will see more advertising than ever before.  Most importantly, the games are no longer just about television advertising.  We now live in a world with multi-device, multi-channel users.  Most of the viewers consuming TV content will also be active on another device while watching the games.  This is projected to translate to unusually high internet browsing traffic during the events held in Rio.  To put this in perspective, 76% of the world is expected to tune in for the games.  That’s 5.6 billion people.  Many of whom, will be browsing content on ad enabled websites while watching the games live, a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the increased web activity and also advertise to consumers specifically interested in sports.  If you’re in the sporting goods world or athleticwear markets, August is your month.  

3.  NFL Pre-season Begins (August 7th)

With the kickoff of Football season comes another wave of marketing and advertising opportunities.  We’re not just talking to apparel companies either.  When you think football, tailgating in the cold, grilling, and sitting outdoors all come to mind.  If you sell outdoor gear, cooking accessories, or blankets, this is a great time to advertise.  Also, similar to the Olympics, Football carries a huge viewership and is consistently one of the highest watched programming on television, another great chance to access multi-channel, multi-device users.

4.  US Open (August 29th – September 11th)

The US Open is an international tennis championship that takes place in NYC every year and is a great opportunity for athletic wear companies and sporting goods stores to engage with their fans.  Equally important, this professional tennis matches provide an elevated access point to high net worth individuals who are typically associated with these matches.  It’s also an opportunity to communicate with your audience on social media and further establish your brand as an authority in sports knowledge!

5.  Labor Day Weekend (September 5th)

Labor day is one of the biggest online marketing dates of the entire year.  Typically, retailers will release sales on summer items they still have on their shelves and also introduce customers to their new products for the fall.  Historically, Labor Day sees the biggest drop in standard pricing, as many stores discount up to 50%.  While offering too many sales is not good for your brand, focusing on one time a year to launch a massive sale will help convert first time customers and also generate some serious love for your brand!

6.  NYFW (September 8th – 15th)

NYFW kicks off the start of the global fashion week tour.  The fashion weeks showcase luxury and trend-setting brands and their arriving season’s new looks.  NYFW is a massive cultural event and has also resulted in increased online shopping with users trying to mimic the new runway styles.  If you’re in the premium fashion space, definitely capitalize on the increased traffic coming to your website.  

Don’t forget, some smaller, but significant, events lie between the ones listed above and are perfect for promoting on social media.  For a full list of what’s left in August, check out this article.  

Any other dates your brand is targeting?  Feel free to comment below!



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