Boost Conversion Rates Through Product Photography

Website aesthetics are becoming increasingly important in eCommerce.  The shift from physical stores to digital means that online pages now serve as a brand’s storefront.  Everything from how the store is laid out to how the products look on their digital shelves is critical in drawing in customer attention.  

One thing that consumers won’t miss in an attention economy is a beautiful looking product.  In fact, a restaurant menu can increase sales of an item by as much as 30% by including a photograph of the dish.  Applying this to eCommerce, 67% of consumers report that quality of a product image is extremely important when deciding on whether to make a purchase.  

Here at Pollen, we’ve put together a few ways to easily boost conversion rates through product photography.

1.  Crystal Clear

The benefit of having an online store is the increased efficiency that you and your customers gain.  The drawback of not operating out of a physical store is a difficulty showcasing life-like products.  25% of consumers return products from online purchases because the product was different than they were expecting.  To combat this, start with simplicity.  Photographing your product images on a plain white background is a great way to get them to stand out.  To edit images without breaking the bank, look for free photo editing services, like Gimp.  

2.  Different Angles

Showing all sides of your product on display is a no-brainer…if you were purchasing a shirt in a store, you’d likely want to see that product from all sides before you made a final decision.  Putting some numbers behind this, photographing a product from different angles leads to a 58% increase in sales.  

3.  How is it used?

It’s hugely beneficial to a customer to get a sense of how the product looks and functions in the real world.  If you sell running shoes, show what they look like in action on a track or on the trail!  With over 92% of consumers reporting that product visuals are a major factor influencing purchasing, the time for creative product photography is now!

4.  Eye Tracking Studies

Studies have shown that when a model is looking at a product or headline, the consumer’s eye will follow.  Although it’s simple, if there is a specific product or promotion that you’d like to get some extra love, this is a great technique!

5.  Target Emotions    

Consumers make purchasing decisions for emotional reasons.  Including lifestyle imagery throughout your website is one of the best ways to tap into these emotions and motivate buying on your site!  


In eCommerce, conversion rates are not only influenced by the strength of your marketing and advertising campaigns, but also your product photography.  By reexamining and optimizing product and website imagery, you’ll be on your way to generating more sales in 2017!

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below.