• Effective and Automated Marketing

    Online advertising is encased in a web of mystery that is infuriating, complicated or requires a computer science degree. 

    However, measuring effectiveness of marketing and advertising is a necessity. If you don’t know what’s performing, there’s no way to effectively increase performance. 

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  • The Attention Economy

    The economics of any particular business is something that is discussed constantly. For our clients, this often means the quantification of things like “Cost of Goods Sold”, “Conversion Rate” or “Cash Flow.” At the most basic level though, everyone knows that economics boil down to supply and demand. What we tend to forget, however, is that the internet has created scarcity of a commodity that is almost always excluded when we create our spreadsheets: Attention. 

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  • Creating Effective Display Ads

    Your ad creative may be the first time a customer interacts with your brand. It’s important to use that opportunity to make a lasting impression. Everybody is different but we’ve put together a few tricks you can use to help your ads stand out from the rest. 


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  • Tracking Conversions via Google Analytics

    No matter what type of campaign you run, whether on Facebook, Google, Twitter or Poln –  it’s critical to know how to measure the performance of your campaign. For most retailers, tracking the source of sales is a crucial factor in determining its marketing budget.

    Our friends at Google have made it very easy to measure your campaign performance via Google Analytics.

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  • Giving the Little Guys Control of the Big Guns

    On behalf of our team at Poln (pronounced, “Pollen”), we’d like to take a moment to thank you for being a part of this journey.

    Poln started with a singular mission: make online advertising incredibly easy for retailers. We set out to democratize and demystify advertising, making it available to companies that don’t necessarily have deep pockets and huge teams…

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