8 Tips for Creating Inspired Ads

Advertising is part art and part science. If you’re looking to boost your advertising campaign performance, look to your creative first.  Your ad creative is often times the first instance new customers interact with your brand.  Spending a bit of extra time fine tuning your ads can have a dramatic impact on your overall performance.  It’s no secret that the internet runs on advertisements and with 3.4 billion people constantly browsing the web in 2016, we have a unique opportunity to impress an even larger audience than ever before!   

While many online businesses don’t have in-house designers, there are a few easy steps you can take to increase the performance of your ads.  Time to get inspired!

Here are some of the best ways to optimize creative performance.

1.  Set up your ads for optimal performance

Including explicit call-to-actions, hero images, company logos, and instilling a sense of urgency while maintaining brand consistency in your ads is key.  For a quick lesson, check out Poln’s creative guide here.  Here you’ll learn about ways to inspire browsers to click on your creatives.

2.  A/B test different creative sets at the same time

Using the same parameters and targeting for each set of creative, test different slogans and Call-To-Actions (for more on designing CTA’s check out our past article on Free Tools to Design Call-to-Action Buttons) against each other to gain insight on the top performers.  From there, you can tweak each size on a micro level and increase overall performance of your campaign.

3.  Track other creatives

Apps like Moat empower online marketers by providing data insights on other online retailer’s creative.  Wondering what J.Crew’s ads look like?  Use the handy search bar on the homepage of Moat and snoop away!  This is a great way to see how top brands and brands in a similar price range and demographic advertise to their user base.  You can also track creative analytics using Moat’s powerful tools.  

4.  What are your top selling items?

Chances are, the most popular items on your site will be the best products to advertise on the web.  Pick a few of your customers favorites and then test out those products for your next campaign. Advertising is an iterative process. We are always looking for benchmarks to build off of so use this real customer feedback to springboard your next campaign.  

5.  Look online for design inspirations

Similar to number 3, Moat provides an effortless way to gain ad inspiration across the web.  Another option would be to check out stock photo sites as they are a great place to look for inspiration and imagery you’d like to associate with your store.  Check out this article for 5 free stock photo websites!

6.  How are you targeted by other companies?

As the great Steve Jobs infamously said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” While you’re browsing the web, pay attention to the ads that you click on and the ads you ignore.  What design elements do these ads have, what size are they, what aesthetic draws your attention?  While we are not recommending infringing on others design, look around for inspiration and recreate the elements you like from the different ads you see online.  

7.  What design elements are you seeing incorporated in your day-to-day?

In 2016, having a clean, minimalist design is key.  It’s really simple: would you click on a clean, bright advertisement or a noisy, messy ad?  

8.  Ask Poln!


Poln automatically tracks creative size performance for you and optimizes based on the results.  In addition, Poln also offers free creative services for for each of your campaigns.  SMBs often lack the staff and expertise to design creative in house, so we lend out our expert design team to help you elevate your creative performance and get you serving ads to the right audience!

Any other things you’re inspired by in terms of ad creation.  Feel free to comment below!