7 Interview Questions For Freelance Writers

As 2016 winds down, we’ve seen an intense turn towards content marketing and an increase of content creators.  In fact, 60% of marketers created at least one piece of content each day.  And, more importantly, 78% of customers will trust your brand more if you create customized content.  Add that to the fact that content marketing will aid in customer retention, boost SEO, and establish your site as an authority in your respective eCommerce space, it’s really a no-brainer.

Now comes the tricky part: time.  Most small and medium sized business owners don’t have the time or experience to undertake blogging, but they still recognize that it is immensely important.

Enter freelance writers.  They have the time and the experience to really help boost your internal marketing efforts.  That said, there are some important considerations to make before bringing on a blogger to your team.

Here are 7 interview questions for freelance writers:

1.  References and Work Samples

Start here and make sure you ask the question so you can review the work.  A writer who has a tremendous track record might not have the best voice to speak for your brand.  Get familiar with their work and then investigate further.

2.  Services

Blogging may seem simple on the surface, but length (500-2,000 words), SEO keywords, photos, and source citations all come into play.  Ensure that the writer you have in mind will meet the standards for your company and for your space.

3.  Ownership

Although your freelance writer is the author, content published on your website should be owned exclusively by you. This will ensure that the copy produced for you won’t be auctioned off to another business.

4.  Work Hours/Turnaround Time

There’s a fine line between work completed too fast and work completed too slow.  Set expectations from the start so that everyone is on the same page with deliverables.

5.  Revision Cycle

Some freelance writers will charge extra after a certain number of drafts/re-writes.  It’s important to lay this information out so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

6.  Research

Gain an understanding of how your writer will conduct research.  At the very least, it will provide a basic understanding of their work flow.  From there, you can determine if that meshes with your business’s ethos.  

7.  Payment

Most freelance work is done through invoices, paper and electronic.  Establish a payment system and a rate of pay for each post or the number of hours worked.

In conclusion, businesses that take advantage of blogging generate 126% more lead growth generation than those that don’t.  So, using these 7 interview questions for freelance writers will help you hire a smart, driven blogger to take your website to the next level.  

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below.