6 Ways to Win the Online User Acquisition Battle

Q1 2017 is coming to a close and with that comes a great chance to evaluate your marketing strengths and weaknesses thus far this year.

A constant roadblock for many small to medium sized online retailers is customer acquisition.  This can be attributed to the fact that larger retailers have a stranglehold on the online advertising marketplace.  

That said, if you’re looking for ways to break down these online barriers, we’ve put together this article to help you activate the top of your marketing funnel.  

Here are 6 ways to win the online user acquisition battle.  


It is imperative you plan out the initiatives that you’d like to hit.  What we mean is determine how many social posts you’re going to do per day, what events you want to target, what advertisements you’ll have running, when you’ll send marketing emails, and what blog posts to schedule.  Sussing out these details ahead of time will lead to less stress when it’s time to promote your brand!


Creating landing pages that are easy to navigate for someone who has never been to your site before is key.  It’s important to highlight your product list in a clear way to avoid any confusion to your customer base.  Equally important, ensure your website is optimized for mobile as over 30% of all online revenue comes from mobile devices now!    


Say it loud and proud.  As you become more successful online marketers, you’ll likely see an increase in site traffic.  To welcome this influx, start putting out some content this week (be that social posts, blog posts or other content marketing)!  


You’re going to need a prospecting tool that is powerful and delivers results fast (cough, cough…Pollen).  Online display advertising is key in driving customers to your site for the first time and Pollen has you covered when it comes to delivering net-new users to your website.  Shoot us an email atsupport@gopollen.com to get started!  


For the new shoppers that Pollen is drawing to your site, reviews will help with attracting those customers as well.  If possible, consider displaying quotes and reviews on your product pages to further entice shoppers.  


Giving other companies in your space a shout out will go far in building longer term relationships (these can then be used during the larger spending months of the year).  It also goes both ways: another brand is more likely to return the favor and give your team a shout out if you’re spreading the word for them!


Following these 6 ways to win the online user acquisition battle will help drive new customers to your website this coming quarter! 

Any questions or comments?  Feel free to comment below.