5 Ways to Jump-start Q2 Online Sales

Q2 marks the start of online businesses ramping up their advertising and promotional sales.  In fact, eCommerce grew by a whopping 16% in Q2 of 2016 and we’re expecting continued growth this year!

As customers will be fighting to find the best seasonal deals online, we thought we’d offer some guidance on the best ways to grab your audience’s attention these next few months!

Here are 5 ways to jump-start Q2 online sales this year!


Who doesn’t love a gift card?  Offering these as a reward when a customer completes a purchase above a certain spending threshold is a great way to engage an audience and also generate brand awareness for your business.  If those gift cards are passed on to a family member or friend, you’ll have the added benefit of gaining an additional customer!


Social media is buzzing all year round and it’s a great platform to build anticipation on leading up to events and promotional periods.  Facebook alone boasts over 1.23 billion daily active users, so you can rest assured that you’re casting a wide enough net.   Try Including a promotional code for your followers to use at checkout and watch your sales start rolling in!


Have a few products that you’d like to sell more of?  Try bundling them in with other complimentary products in your store (e.g. include shaving cream with a new razor).  This is a great way to draw attention to new products and products you’d like to get off your shelves this season.


Cross promotion is a way of leveraging another brand’s audience to draw them back to your page.  Strategic partnerships are essential for building long term relationships with other brands and different verticals in the eCommerce space.  Let the networking begin!


Start with some modest sales this month and as the season rolls along ramp up on products that you’d like to sell more of.  This is a great way to entice anyone on the fence and last minute seasonal shoppers!

These 5 ways to jump-start Q2 online sales can be hugely rewarding and a time to start testing out some of the strategies you’d like to use this coming holiday season!

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below!