5 Unique Ways to Grab Customer’s Attention This Black Friday

You’re making a list…and checking it twice…and going to find out how to get customers to your website this Black Friday.  But first, give yourself some credit because we know you’ve been working tirelessly on your promotional ideas, downloading apps to improve your sales, and fine-tuning your retention strategies!  Bravo.   

Here at Pollen, we love thinking outside the box.  And, since you are fighting for customers in an attention economy this Black Friday weekend (and always), we put together a list of 5 unique ways to grab customer’s attention this Black Friday and beyond.  

1.  Video Ads

Video ad engagement is off the charts.  In fact, after a user watches a video ad they are 64% more likely to buy that product online.  Combine that with the increased browsing traffic and high buying intent that the Black Friday weekend brings on, and you’ll realize investing some of your budget towards video ads this year is an absolute no-brainer.  The best part is, Pollen now serves video ads across premium platforms like Hulu, ABC and NBC.  Even better, if you don’t have the team in-house to build out these ads, we’re more than happy to take on the leg work…for free!  

2.  Social Media

We all know the benefits of using social media to boost engagement (hint, you have an audience of 1.79 billion monthly users), but have you thought about joining “Black Friday Deals” Groups on Facebook?  Although some of these groups are filled with spam, there are many great public groups out there that you can join and post the deals you are promoting through your website.  This is a great way to attract audiences who are not aware of your brand or were not aware of a deal you were promoting.  

3.  Get to Know Your Competition

If you’re like us, chances are you’ve searched for coupon codes online before.  As you can imagine, traffic on these forums jumps tenfold during the holiday season as consumers look to get the best bang for their buck.  These forums serve two great purposes: the ability to post your brands deals within and also the ability to scope out what your competition is advertising for promotions.  We’d recommend checking out Slick Deals and Gotta Deal.

4.  Deal Specific Websites

Online shoppers love websites dedicated to deals, especially around the holidays.  Try RetailMeNot and don’t forget to work on compelling promotions to set your brand apart from the rest!

5.  Reddit  

Reddit boasts 243 million active monthly users and although it’s not thought of as a place where deals are to be had, there are many subreddit folders that address Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general shopping promotions.  We’d recommend getting in on the action this holiday season as a way to break out from the rest of the crowd and gather some new interest in your brand!


By combining these 5 unique ways to grab customer’s attention you’ll be in great shape to promote your brand this Black Friday Weekend and therefore turn those advertised deals into revenue for your company this holiday season!

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below.