5 Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic During The Holidays

The holiday advertising season is upon us!  While it’s true that online marketing and advertising is a holistic pursuit, there are a combination of platforms that need to be utilized in each area of your marketing funnel to effectively drive traffic to your website.  

Regardless of size, the biggest issue online retailers face is getting customers to their website.  That’s because, without an initial flow of qualified prospects, customer conversion and customer retention are not possible.

With many retailers reporting that more than a third of their revenue is made in November and December, getting eyes on your website should be priority number one in October!

With that, here are 5 tips to increase your website traffic during the holidays and beyond!  

1.  Pollen

Pollen is the first advertising platform specifically developed for small-medium sized businesses.  We combine robust analytics and data sets in an extremely simple-to-use, self-serve advertising platform.  Our goal is to feed the top of your marketing funnel and give smaller companies the opportunity to leverage often complicated and expensive data pools to drive customers to your website.  Pollen is an important first step to take to generate new, unique, highly qualified prospects to your eCommerce store!

2.  Co-branding and promotions

Cross promotion between brands is key during the holidays.  By building and maintaining strong brand partnerships through the holiday season, you can not only leverage a larger audience, but also establish credibility to new users.  Further, as your marketing budget increases the level of exposure also lifts exponentially, so combining budget between two companies is hugely helpful in boosting awareness across your network.

3.  Sales, Contests And Giveaways

Sales, Contests and Giveaways are great ways of converting customers and retaining them, but they are also an important step in getting customers excited about your brand too.  Promote these sales on Pollen and Social Media and watch your customers roll in!

4.  Influencer Marketing

Although influencer marketing might have reached a point of oversaturation online, it is still an extremely effective way of leveraging someone else’s online presence to drive new customers to your page, especially around the holidays.  In fact, 81% of marketers who have used influencer marketing, judged it to be effective.  

5.  SEO & Content Marketing

It’s probably no surprise that 95% of organic search traffic drops off after the first page in a Google Search.  Not on the first page?  Boosting your SEO is an imperative step to take.  Yes, SEO is a long-term pursuit, but right now is the perfect time to start!  That said, our friends at Shopify do a great job breaking down the action items your business should take to boost your SEO.  Check out their article here!  In the meantime, a very simple first step to take is to ramp up your content marketing on your site (aka blog!).  Year over year companies that focus on content marketing see a 7.8x boost in unique traffic to their website compared to companies that do not take advantage of content marketing and that translates to a big lift during the holidays!


Work through these 5 ways to increase your website traffic during the holidays and you’ll be on your way to casting a wider net online and one-step ahead of the competition as we close out 2016!

Any other tools you utilize?  Feel free to comment below!