5 Sales-Boosting Apps for eCommerce

Experts are predicting that worldwide eCommerce revenue will grow to over $4 trillion by 2020.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you’ve picked the right time to be an online retailer!  

The move toward eCommerce undoubtedly stems from consumers and businesses looking for more efficient ways to buy and sell.  If a customer can buy their goods online more easily than going into a physical store, there’s not much else to consider.  And alternatively, if a business can streamline their operations by selling online, it’s a win win for everyone involved.  

While your customer is happy with your online store and user experience, we know a lot of work goes on behind the scenes and apps are one of the tools that help businesses scale online.  Unfortunately, eCommerce apps are far underutilized.  To help, we’ve put together a list of 5 sales-boosting apps for eCommerce to help keep your business strong and take you to the next level! 


The first step in any sales process is getting customers to your website and generating brand awareness.  Pollen addresses the top of the marketing funnel and is the only advertising platform specifically designed for small to medium sized online retailers.  We focus exclusively on pre-targeting (qualifying prospects and drawing them to your website) through display advertising.    “Feed your funnel,” is the motto!


Now that customers have arrived to your site, your next goal should be to keep them there as long as possible.  Tidio provides an excellent, easy-to-use app, allowing your customers the ability to live chat with a representative from your store.  As an initial user, this is an easy way to educate a customer and answer any product/website questions they might have while browsing, in turn helping eliminate bounce rate.


Thanks to Pollen and Tidio, your customer base is qualified, educated and feels the love from your customer service team.  In short, they’re ready to purchase.  Let’s say this browser puts an item in their shopping cart, but gets distracted.  SumoMe jumps in and serves a popup letting that user know there are items in the shopping cart and also informs them of any deals/promotions going on to entice conversion.  SumoMe is the perfect answer to cart abandonment issues and gives you peace of mind that you’re not losing revenue in your shopping cart.  


This one is simple, but important.  You’re now a selling machine and your browsers are converting on purchases left and right.  Receiptful puts a bow on everything by sending a customer receipt to your shopper so they know exactly how much they were charged for the purchase and can confirm that it was processed on your end.  Thanks, Receiptful!


Mailchimp is all about email marketing (aka customer retention).  Once you have your email rolodex built out, the name of the game is building and maintaining customer loyalty so those initial purchases turn into repeat business.  A one time purchase is nice, but it’s not what keeps your business alive.  Further, email marketing has a 3800% return on investment.  Mailchimp provides a simple email marketing platform that even the biggest firms use.  


Each of these 5 sales-boosting apps for eCommerce helps a piece of your marketing funnel and all are easy, cost effective ways to boost sales while keeping your eCommerce website organized.

Any other apps you use?  Comment below!