5 Reasons Your eCommerce Store Needs a Shoppable Instagram Feed

Modern technology strives to create greater efficiencies in products, services, and businesses as a whole.  Within eCommerce, the biggest leaps in efficiency can be seen in the consolidation or layering of existing technologies.  One great example of this is a shoppable Instagram feed of products.

Pollen has just launched Honeycomb, which allows customers to add products directly from a business’s Instagram post to their shopping cart.  This service truly provides an easier buying and selling experience for both business operators and consumers.

Not certain of the benefits?  Here are 5 reasons your eCommerce store needs a shoppable Instagram feed now:

1.  Mobile is King

It’s no secret that mobile rules all.  We see it in physical smartphone design (ie experimentation with screen sizes and product dimensions) as well as in its operating system.  Your phone has been your newspaper, flashlight, boombox, camera, and credit card for a while now, but from 2017 onwards, it’s also your own shopping mall.  In fact, 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices in the last 6 months.  What do consumers do when they actually make it into a physical store?  Well, 80% of them take out their smartphone to look at product reviews or compare prices.  And, what is the name of an insanely popular app that is exclusively mobile?…Instagram!

2.  Social eCommerce Growth

Instagram has seen unprecedented growth in recent years.  The social giant boasts 700 million active monthly users and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.  Combine the user growth with the recent success of newly launched products like Stories and online retailers can definitely use the network to leverage new customers and revenue.

3.  Familiarity of UX

Although small to medium sized online retailers might not have the budgets to compete with larger retailers on the UX side, deploying a shoppable Instagram feeds levels the playing field in a way.  The focus shifts away from the UX (as this will be standard) and the products become the highlight.  Familiarity with the Instagram UX also helps conversion optimization as 84% of customers have experienced difficulty completing a purchase on a mobile device.  Further, the Baymard Institute estimates that US and EU businesses could collectively recover around $260 billion in eCommerce revenue just through checkout optimizations.  That’s a lot of money being left on the table and creating a seamless, user friendly, shoppable Instagram feed is an easy first step to take to recover some of those dollars.

4.  Cross sell across product lines

We know you’ve spent time building out the collections on your website and optimizing the flow of your product pages.  With that said, a major benefit of creating a shoppable Instagram feed is to combine outfits and products that go well together aesthetically or tangentially (athletic gear) so your customers can shop an entire outfit through one post!  This is a great way to cross sell to customers who might have just come to the page for one specific item, but through a shoppable social feed they were able to find other products of interest.

5.  Transparent attribution

Between the array of advertising tools, social media, email marketing, and even word of mouth, there can oftentimes be a gray area when it comes to directly attributing a sale to a specific platform or application.  While we fully believe that no one product or service will handle all your marketing needs, a Shoppable Instagram feed is an easy way for business owners to track sales attribution.

Honeycomb will not only help streamline your products, but it will create an aesthetically pleasing feed to attract new and current customers extremely effectively!

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