5 Free Stock Photo Sites for Small Businesses

5 free stock photo sites pollen advertising

Using high quality imagery on your social media accounts, website, blog, and email campaigns is crucial to your visual marketing success. Sourcing your own photography is a costly proposition, that in many cases, can be avoided altogether by utilizing Copyright Free Stock Photos.

Stock photos are high quality images that you can use for personal, commercial or marketing purposes. All of the websites listed in this post offer free stock photos that do not have any use or attribution restrictions.

If you’ve had difficulty finding high resolution / low cost images this guide is perfect for you. Here are 5 free sites to find awesome images!

1 – Pexels (https://www.pexels.com)
Image Style: commercial, contemporary, eclectic

Pexels covers over 4,500 free stock photos. And every week at least 70 new high resolution photos will be added. All photos are hand-picked from photos uploaded by its users or sourced from free image websites.

This is has a variety of images perfect for commercial use. Their images feature technology, business situations and nature, food and landscape. This is one of the most contemporary and eclectic copyright free stock photo sites.

2- Gratisography (http://www.gratisography.com)
Image Style: Quirky, lifestyle, portrait  

Gratisography is not your average stock photo site. Their images have a distinctly quirky and humorous tone. If you are looking to inject a bit of life into your visual marketing this is a great place to start.

3 – Stocksnap.io (https://stocksnap.io)
Image Style: commercial, contemporary, eclectic

Similar to Pexels Stocksnap aggregates copyright free stock photos from around the web. It also has a network of photographs that feature high quality images on the site. Contemporary and eclectic, Stocksnap has a variety of images that are great for personal or commercial use. It also has a great selection of minimalistic images.

4 – morgueFile (http://morguefile.com)
Image Style: Outdoor, landscape, wildlife

morguFile is strongest in outdoorsy and landscape scenarios. There is a great selection of wildlife images to choose as well. The site doubles as a social network as well so many of the images are uploaded by its members. This means you get a larger selection of images but also in some cases lower quality images.

5 – New Old Stock (http://nos.twnsnd.co)
Image Style: Vintage, black and white

New Old Stock pulls vintage images from public archives. These are great for theme or historically based marketing or blog posts. This site has a great selection of black and white images. The search functionality is not great but if you are looking for vintage images this is an amazing resource.

Whether you are looking for images to highlight a promotion you are running, want ways to spice up your blog posts visually or want to revamp your site with new images, the 5 sites above will cover all of your needs. AND THEY’RE FREE!