5 eCommerce Tips for 2017

We saw unprecedented growth from many of our online retailers during 2016 and we can’t wait to see them continue to grow in 2017.  As many eCommerce shops are scaling up in the New Year, it’s important that we look back on 2016 for lessons and ways to improve into the future.  

In the spirit of kicking off the New Year strong, we’ve put together some effective eCommerce tips that have worked well this year and we expect to keep growing!

Here are 5 eCommerce Tips for 2017.

1.  Have a Road Map

Having a defined plan for 2017 is the most important thing to establish in Q1.  Of course business priorities change from time to time, but focusing in on specific objectives will allow you to focus more attention on implementing the strategies than coming up with them.  Start with a basic financial forecast, compare that to last year and set some goals for the New Year.  Do the same for inventory and identify where mistakes were made in prior quarters.  Additionally, plan out your marketing initiatives far in advance.  If 2016 taught us one thing, it’s that marketing and advertising has quite a lead up, especially during the holidays.  

2.  Define Your Brand Message

Having a clear brand message can set you apart from the crowd.  If you sell men’s jeans, say it loud and proud and don’t ever shy away from the ethos of your brand.  Focus on your strengths and always play to those.  This can be as simple as coming up with and deploying standard marketing copy across all of your channels, products, and website.  It’s a great place to start!

3.  Activate Each Area of Your Marketing Funnel

Prospecting, Conversion, and Retention.  These three words are the key to meeting and exceeding your sales and marketing goals in 2017.  Prospecting is concerned with getting new customers to your website.  This can be done through Pollen, Social Media, or boosting your SEO.  About 80% of your marketing budget should be focused on your prospecting efforts.  Conversion is getting a customer to perform a desired action, most often buying a product and Retention is turning that one-time buyer into a repeat shopper.  Pollen and Email Marketing work well in these areas!

4.  Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Mobile Commerce is now more than 30% of all United States eCommerce!  It’s not hard to believe as most everyone now has a smart phone and most websites are optimized for mobile buying.  If you haven’t made the transition yet, 2017 is the time!

5.  Create an Enjoyable Company Culture

As your brand scales, it’s important that you focus on developing a company culture that encourages creativity and promotes optimism.  Running a small business is tough, and while your business may be thriving, don’t forget about the people working behind the scenes that make it all happen!

One of the biggest takeaways this year was eCommerce shops tapping into the full potential of each section of their marketing funnel, thus creating more brand awareness online, which turned into more sales, and then deploying strategies to retain those customers and turn them into brand loyalists.  Let’s keep up the hard work!

By implementing the above tools and strategies we know you’ll achieve even more in 2017.  

From all of us here at team Pollen, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!