5 Can’t Miss Facebook Marketing Updates

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For the online marketing professionals, you know who you are, Facebook has always been a gold mine of useful information and segmentation, but a somewhat cumbersome platform to completely manage.  With that said, there is not a single digital advertiser out there who would advise you not to take a shot at marketing and advertising across the social media giant.   

Facebook held its F8 conference back in April, and in case you missed it, there are some big updates coming!

Here are 5 Can’t-miss Facebook marketing updates:

1.  Monthly Active Users

1.94 Billion!  We know, this number is completely mind-blowing.  Why is this important for online marketers?  Now you can fully grasp the network you have access to.  This also comes with the understanding that every day your target lookalike audience gets a little bigger.  The opportunity to engage more in-market customers is only growing!

2.  Facebook Advanced Marketing Analytics

Facebook’s analytics dashboard is now more powerful and intuitive.  Advertisers can now track Facebook page interactions such as post reactions and shares.  This is huge in engaging with your audience and retaining social media page traffic.   

3.  Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads populate with exact products a customer was looking at.  With the new update, you can highlight up to 20 images from your catalog to scroll across your advertisement in a carousel.  Another engaging way to advertise!

4.  Newsfeed Cleanup


Facebook is cleaning up their newsfeed.  What does this mean for online advertisers?  Increased access to your ideal customers!  With less spam and misinformation on user’s Facebook feeds, the increased chance of relevant content.  So if you have a strong ad and landing page, say hello to more shoppers!

5.  New Entry Questions for Facebook Groups


Facebook admins can now setup questions prior to users joining a group to help ensure these members are a right fit.  If you are managing a Facebook branded community, this is going to be a game-changer!


Marketing and advertising on Facebook is a no-brainer and understanding key new roll-outs is important for continued success on the platform.  Did we mention that Pollen is now a Facebook advertising partner?  Advertising and optimizing campaigns across Facebook and the web has never been so simple.

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