3 Reasons Why You Should Be Leveraging Ephemeral Content In Your Marketing Strategies

While many people in the ad industry have doubts about Snapchat’s business model, marketers should have no doubts about the usefulness of ephemeral content for sparking engagement and strengthening relationships with customers.  But first, what is ephemeral content?  Ephemeral content is just a fancy term for disappearing content like Snapchat and Instagram Stories.  With these platforms rolling out more marketing friendly features, ephemeral content is sure to remain one of the biggest marketing trends to watch in the years to come.

While new customer acquisition is key to growing a business, today’s state of disappearing content is much more conducive to the retention stage of the marketing funnel.  Snapchat and Instagram Stories’ prospecting capabilities are not nearly as developed as those of Facebook, and while Snapchat and Instagram Stories do have plans to ramp up the display of sponsored content, a brand can get a much higher ROI by simply posting content through a standard account for free.

With that said, here are three reasons to add ephemeral content to your marketing playbook:

1. Ephemeral Content Can Forge Connections With Customers

It is important to consider who follows brands on Snapchat and Instagram.  It is likely that the majority of a brand’s followers are loyal, high value existing customers.  This makes it that much more important to retain their business.  While the short-lived nature of this content may appear to be a weakness, it actually could be its biggest strength.  Because Stories disappear after just 24 hours, users are pressured to constantly check for new content out of fear of missing out.  As a result, scrolling through Stories has become a routine for Snapchat and Instagram’s combined 420 million daily active users.  By constantly uploading light-hearted content that promotes a brand’s image or occasionally its products, it can consistently stay at the top of its customers’ minds.  Having your brand become part of your customers’ daily routines is an excellent way to drive retention.

2. Ephemeral Content Can Drive Traffic

Posting Stories not only is good for engagement and retention, but it also has functional purposes.  Not too long ago, both Snapchat and Instagram have begun to enable users to embed web links in Stories, and Instagram now allows users to “mention” other users in posts.  These new features have added traffic-driving functionality to these platforms and the ability to cross-sell with partnered brands and call out influencers.  Due to the increasing popularity of ephemeral content, expect Snapchat and Instagram to continue rolling out more marketing-friendly features.

3. It’s Free!

While serving prospecting ads on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram will cost you, uploading and sharing Stories to highly valuable loyal followers is free.  The ROI is infinite.

Ephemeral content is unique in its target audience – only the most loyal of a brand’s customers – but that makes their business that much more valuable and important to retain.  Stories allow a brand to receive daily attention without being perceived as spam.  Best of all, it is free, so why not try it?