24 Killer Halloween Ad Campaign Ideas

24 killer halloween ad campaign ideas

Boo! With Halloween coming up, it’s time to begin preparing your business for the holiday season. We all know customers are more likely to spend money during seasonal events, so let’s take advantage and run ad campaigns for Halloween.

Halloween marketing is a fun way to promote your products. Get into the spirit of the season by switching up the words you use to promote your products to capture attention of your consumers, and take advantage of discounts and giveaways when possible. Remember, there are plenty of businesses trying to get consumers’ interest. Will you make your business stand out by trying some Halloween marketing ideas this year?

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If you’re looking to create successful Halloween ad campaigns, take a look at these 24 killer ad ideas we’ve put together. They’re a mix of online and offline campaigns so you can make sure your customers are always aware of who you are.

Halloween Ad Campaign Ideas

1. Run a best costume contest on social media

Have your customers post pics of themselves on social media and require them to tag your social profiles. Choose the best costumes and give the winners a prize like free shipping or a coupon code for 31% (the date of Halloween) off their next order.

2. Write Halloween themed blog posts

We’ve always viewed blogging as a secret weapon for online stores. Write a Halloween themed post that talks about your experiences with Halloween. Or you can use it to announce your special Halloween deals.

3. Hold a contest for free Halloween costumes

Let customers know they’ll be entered for a chance to win a Halloween costume when they purchase products from your site.

4. Create a spooky version of your company’s logo

Bats work well. Just have a designer put a bat, witch, skeleton, etc. in your logo from October 17 to October 31. Switch back to the old logo on November 1.

5. Offer to send bags of candy to anyone who spends a minimum amount (i.e. $50 or more)

Go to your local grocery store, buy a bag of candy and include them in all the items shipped to your customers.

6. Create scary ads

Use Halloween themed images like jack-o-lanterns, spiders, skeletons and more in your ads on Facebook and other PPC platforms.

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7. Carve your company logo into a pumpkin

Show off your pumpkin carving skills (or hire a pro). Once the pumpkin is carved, share pics of it on social media.

8. Post pictures of your team in their costumes on your blog and social media

Show your customers your fun side. Post a team pic on your blog and social media profiles so your customers can get to know the team

9. Create coupon codes valid only on Halloween

Create coupon codes for customers to use on October 30 or October 31. Make sure to use “Limited Time Offer” so your customers have a sense of urgency.

10. Have spiders crawl around your website or use spiderwebs as your background

Surprise your customers with spiders crawling around your website. Bonus points if your customers say you actually scared them!

11. Write a list of costume ideas using your products and post them on your blog

Sometimes your customers need inspiration for costume ideas. Put together a couple of costume ideas and link them to your products so your customers have an easy way to create the outfits they need.

12. Make a list of the best Halloween parties in your area

Help your customers find the best parties available. Facebook works wonders for this. Even better, you could sponsor a local party to increase brand awareness.

13. Sell special Halloween versions of your best-selling products

This may not be viable if your products take a long time to make. But for businesses with easily configurable products, create Halloween versions of your best-selling products.

14. Put images of your local Halloween involvement on your website

As your business ramps up for Halloween, post images showing how involved you are with the local community to generate goodwill with your customer base.

15. Reply to blog comments with scary stories

As people comment on your blog posts, respond back to them with short, scary stories.

16. Send a Happy Halloween email to your blog subscribers

Send a quick email to your blog subscribers detailing your Halloween specials and promotions

17. Send a Happy Halloween card to your customers

For customers who have purchased your products, mail them a physical card to show your appreciation. Try to include a coupon to make them want to purchase more items from you again.

18. Donate lots of treats to a local charity

Work with local charity organizations to donate candy, food, blankets and more so they can help out people in need. Show your customers how charitable you really are!

19. Hold a Halloween party for customers

If you have a lot of local customers, invite them to a Halloween party hosted by you. Have samples of your products available so your customers can see what else they can buy from you.

20. Instead of candy, give out coupons to your customers

If you do the Halloween party, thank your guests for attending by giving them coupons they can use to save money at your store.

21. Donate your Halloween profits to charity

Create a special campaign to let your customers know you’ll donate a portion of every sale to charity organizations. Let customers know their money is being put to good use.

22. Give out candy with your company logo on it

Work with a local manufacturer to create candy bars that have your logo on them. Your customers won’t forget it!

23. Partner with a haunted house

Reach out to local haunted houses and see if they offer partnership opportunities.

24. Write scary short stories

Write stories designed to scare your audience and post them on your social media accounts. The scarier, the better!

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Happy Halloween!

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