• Techniques to Improve Mobile Advertising

    Welcome to marketing in the mobile world.  You’ve probably noticed just walking down the street, mobile is king.  If you’re an eCommerce retailer, mobile is still a frontier that has yet to be conquered.  And the time for brands to jump in headfirst is now!

    To help you get started, we’ve put together a few techniques to improve your mobile advertising that we’ve found hugely successful.  

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  • The 5 Best Magento Extensions for eCommerce

    United States eCommerce sales reached $394 billion in 2016 and are expected to grow to over $500 billion by 2018.  The online buying process has become so seamless that shoppers are rapidly moving to purchasing over the web.  Now, with many online retailers offering free shipping, competitive pricing, an easy, browsable shopping catalog, and many other incentives, buying online is really a no-brainer. As businesses continue to scale their sales online, the consumer is benefiting from the newly found efficiency, but how can online retailers do the same?

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  • Why Your Company Should Be Investing In Video Advertising

    Product videos and video ads are taking over the online marketing and advertising game.  You know the ones we’re talking about: ads on YouTube or Hulu that appear prior to your content loading or a more simple product video imbedded on a brand’s website.   

    As of 2016, video ads made up 35% of total online ad spending.  To put that into perspective, 2016 saw over $5.4 billion in video ad spending.  Why are brands investing so much into video ads?  Well, they deliver results, especially on mobile devices!

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  • 6 Tips for Boosting SEO

    SEO might not be at the top of your priority checklist when you’re mapping out 2017.  Although we understand that boosting SEO is an ongoing battle, giving thought to your website and how customers interact with it, will make a huge difference in your search engine placement this year, and therefore the amount of traffic generated during the high selling times.  

    Here are 6 tips for boosting SEO.

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  • sales copywriting techniques

    Email Marketing: How to Build a Rolodex For Free

    Conversion and retention follow the prospecting stage in the marketing funnel and can be heavily nurtured with email marketing.  By example, if a customer visits your site for the first time and does not convert, re-engaging that user with an email can lead them back to your site.  Alternatively, if a customer does convert, an email will serve as a way to drive brand loyalty and stay top of mind going forward.  

    Let’s look at the numbers: In 2014, the return on investment per email sent was $0.10.  That means, if your active email database contains 1,000 customer contacts and you update that pool two times per week with mailers, promotions, etc., it translates to a $10,000 ROI by the year’s end!

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  • eCommerce Customer Loyalty Program Ideas

    The value of customer retention is priceless as it directly plays to the long-term success of your business.  For an eCommerce shop, there are some easy steps to take to keep your shoppers engaged.  They’re called loyalty programs! 

    Loyalty programs will keep your customers coming back for more…and more!  In fact, 57% of brands report that they will increase loyalty program budgets this year.  Time to ramp up your efforts as well!

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  • 5 Sales-Boosting Apps for eCommerce

    Experts are predicting that worldwide eCommerce revenue will grow to over $4 trillion by 2020.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you’ve picked the right time to be an online retailer!  

    The move toward eCommerce undoubtedly stems from consumers and businesses looking for more efficient ways to buy and sell.  If a customer can buy their goods online more easily than going into a physical store, there’s not much else to consider.  And alternatively, if a business can streamline their operations by selling online, it’s a win win for everyone involved.  

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  • 5 Simple Small Business Instagram Marketing Tips

    Instagram is taking over!  Right now, the platform boasts 600 million active monthly users who upload 52 million photos per day.  Pretty mind blowing, right?  Although statistics alone can’t exactly explain the phenomenon, we can hypothesize that the idea of sharing images and glimpses into our day with other users is one of the most powerful forms of advertising in itself.  

    As smaller online retailers, it’s easy to see the successes that larger companies have enjoyed on the platform, but with so much noise from the giants, it can be hard to really refine a marketing strategy.  

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  • 7 Sales Promotion Ideas to Boost Online Engagement

    As online retailers we all fight to sell our products at full price. However, there are times when it’s necessary to discount or run promotions. Whether you’re price matching a large wholesale account, you’ve anniversaried a sale, or you just need to move excess inventory off your shelves, promos are a sure fire way to boost engagement.  

    Here are 7 sales promotion ideas to boost online engagement and turn browsers into buyers.   

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