• Closing the Books on 2016

    Accounting.  The almost always dreaded term for small to medium sized online retailers.  While we know 2016 was a successful year for you, your employees, your products, and your brand in general, success in retail is often translated into sales; sales are translated into dollars.  And, finally, dollars need to be accounted for! 

    With the increase of cash flow that our smaller retailers have seen this year, it’s critical that your business captures these in preparation for tax season.  With that, we recommend downloading a full service accounting platform to handle your books. 

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    The Importance of a Last Minute Holiday Email Blast

    2016 is drawing to a close this week and along with it your last opportunity for a sales promotion.  With attention now turned to Q1 of 2017, it’s time for one last holiday email blast to clear off your shelves and start fresh for the New Year!  

    Typically, brands offer steep discounts the week leading into New Year’s Eve.  The goal is to give customers a taste of what their product line has to offer and to also get rid of inventory on the shelves and, in turn, claim that revenue for 2016.   

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  • Leveraging Product Reviews From Your Seasonal Customers

    Online holiday sales are still ramping up and we are excited to see what the final numbers will be.  One thing that we are certain on is product reviews can make or break your brand.  With an increase of customers coming to your website, it’s as crucial as ever to entice buyers to leave positive feedback on products and, in turn, leverage those product recommendations to increase sales in the New Year! 

    It’s no surprise that 77% of consumers read reviews before they purchase a product online, and as we move into an age of increased desktop and mobile purchasing, you can bet that number is going to be even more significant in the years to come.  To that point, 88% of consumers trust reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.  Welcome to the digital age!

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  • Retaining Holiday Traffic Through Loyalty Programs

    2016 Holiday spending keeps rising!  30% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas alone.  With the increased spending, online stores are seeing more traffic than ever before.  

    We’ve previously written about the importance of retaining customers and how it leads to long term business success, but let’s drill down on one of the most effective ways of turning one-time shoppers into repeat revenue year over year: Loyalty Programs. 

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  • How to Reduce Holiday Website Bounce Rate

    As you have likely noticed, your store has a lot more visitors during the holiday season.  It’s an exhilarating time to be a business owner and an online retailer.  While you definitely felt and appreciated the spike in user traffic, another inevitable pattern is that many of these shoppers will leave your site quickly and will not make a purchase.  We refer to this as a website “Bounce.” 

    Bounce rates can be a great indication of the quality of your traffic and the effectiveness of your landing pages and content.  High bounce rates need to be attacked head on as they are a sign that something isn’t working right on your website.  

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    Final Q4 eCommerce CheckList

    With two weeks left in 2016, it’s time to prepare your final marketing checklist!  

    It’s been a huge year of growth on the eCommerce side of things, especially during this holiday season.  In fact, more than 3 million shoppers left physical stores on Black Friday this year and brought their business online, in turn, generating over $3.3 billion in just one day.  It was also a huge season for apparel companies who saw revenue gains as high as 8.5x the Cyber Monday average!  

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  • Retaining Seasonal Customers

    One of the biggest questions eCommerce stores have is how to successfully retain new customers after they have attracted them through marketing and advertising during the holiday season.  As Black Friday and Cyber Monday both saw huge gains in online shoppers and sales ($3.3billion spent on Black Friday alone) turning those seasonal shoppers into repeat revenue for your business is a hugely important discussion to have. 

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday only saw 9% of holiday shopping completed, which means, the users who came to your brand over that weekend are not done shopping.  

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  • 5 Ways to Promote Your Brand This Holiday Season

    Promoting your brand during the holidays is all about going above and beyond and thinking outside of the box.  With stiff competition this year, eCommerce shops are looking for ways to distance themselves from the rest of the crowd. 

    The good news is that more consumers are spending online than last year.  In fact, Cyber Monday saw revenue growth of 21.6% overall and further, on Black Friday alone, consumers spent $500 million more than last year.  

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  • December Sales Planning

    Lucky for eCommerce shops near and far, only 9% of consumers reported finishing their holiday shopping over the Black Friday weekend.  That means, these last few weeks of December are prime time for holiday advertising.  With $3.3 billion spent online on Black Friday you can be sure that the rest of December will be a fruitful time for business as well.

    Although there are only a few weeks left in December, putting together a quick sales plan will help you stay ahead of the competition and keep your business on track to exceed the goals set out at the beginning of Q4.  

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  • Black Friday Weekend 2016 Recap

    As predicted, the 2016 Black Friday Weekend set a new bar for online success industry-wide.  The most important takeaway was that more money was spent in total!  That said, it’s equally interesting to note that a smaller amount of money was spent per customer transaction.  This, in turn, translates to an increase in customer shopping and also sharper discounts given by retailers across the board.  So, congratulations on driving more traffic to your eCommerce site this year!

    Cyber Monday naturally saw big increases from last year as well as throughout all eCommerce platforms! 

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  • 5 Email Marketing Strategies to Help Retain Customers This Holiday Season

    You made a list, checked it twice and as a result had a hugely successful Black Friday Weekend.  Black Friday alone saw $1.9 billion spent on desktops across the US. In fact, Black Friday sales were up 19% from 2015. Further, mobile sales surpassed the $1 billion mark over the long weekend making 2016 truly a historic time for eCommerce shops. Needless to say, we’re sure you met a few new customers along the way! Now, the question is, how should you handle the influx?  

    As the Black Friday Weekend only marks the start of the holiday advertising season, there’s a lot more marketing and advertising to be done.  With the whole month of December left, it’s time to focus your efforts on retaining those new customers that you landed over the long weekend.  

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