• How the Marketing Funnel Works

    Building a healthy marketing funnel is a defining characteristic of any successful online business.  In this article, we’ll cover the basic model and the role it plays in understanding and growing your eCommerce business.  

    Marketing is a very holistic pursuit that encompasses the entire funnel above (and can be broken down even further).  By example, if your business is looking to improve conversion rates it’s important to make sure that your acquisition strategy is driving qualified new visitors to your website.

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  • 6 Ways to Reduce Crippling Cart Abandonment

    If you’re doing a fantastic job converting shoppers, you’re likely hovering around a 3% conversion rate.  Although that’s a great figure, for every 100 customers who visit your page, 97 are leaving without performing the action you desire, and of those, 68% are abandoning full shopping carts altogether.   Needless to say, a lot of money is being left on the table.   In fact, in 2014, over $4 trillion worth of products were abandoned in shopping carts.

    Customers abandon checkout for a number of reasons — shipping prices are too high, preferred payment method is not accepted, offline distractions, etc. What we do know: they found something they liked, but something went wrong at the moment of truth.    

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  • 10 Sales Promotion Hacks to Build Customer Engagement

    As online retailers we all fight to sell our products at full price. There are times though when it’s necessary to discount or run promotions. Whether you’re price matching a large wholesale account, you’ve anniversaried a sale, or you just need to move excess inventory off your shelves, promos are a sure fire way to boost engagement.  

    Here’s a list of sales promotion ideas that will turn browsers into buyers!

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  • 10 Public Speaking Tips to Increase Confidence

    Whether you’re presenting to a boardroom, giving a sales pitch to a potential client, going on an interview, or even coaching your kid’s sports team, chances are, at some point you’ll be doing a little public speaking.  

    Commanding an audience is no easy feat.  Top executives and politicians make it look easy, but even the most seasoned public speaker can get a case of the nerves.  For us mortals, it can happen frequently and limit our ability to accurately express the great ideas on our mind.

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  • How to Write an About Us Page

    Most purchases are made for emotional reasons.  Your brand narrative is one of the main factors that will trigger a positive emotional response from customers. The About Us section of your website is a great place to tell your story and build trust and goodwill with users.

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  • 10 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

    Congratulations, you made it through the 4th of July weekend rush!  We know your sales took planning, hard-work, and execution, so give yourselves some much deserved time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

    As we move through the rest of the summer, let’s keep that motivation high as the big selling months are still on the horizon.  Q4 generates the greatest amount of revenue for most online businesses.  In fact, the last quarter of 2015 actually saw over $108billion in sales generated for online retailers and we’re sure this year’s figures will far exceed.   

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