• Retargeting with Facebook ADs

    Acquiring new clients is the hardest thing for any retail store, regardless of size.

    Poln helps you with the hard part of driving qualified new users to your online store. With Poln, you can leverage a number of partner technologies to ensure that your visitors become customers and then loyal users.

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  • Free Tool To Design Call-To-Action Buttons

    Every great ad has a strong Call-To-Action. One of the best ways to draw attention to your ad is to add a CTA button. You can spend hours building out a CTA button Photoshop or Illustrator but a great way to shave a bit of time is to use a CTA button generator.

    Buttonoptimizer.com offers a free tool that let’s you customize your CTA button and download it into PNG format or CSS code. With Buttonoptimizer, you can select the color, font, and styling that fits your brand and marketing needs.

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  • Designing for the Touch Age

    When Apple first launched the iPhone in 2007, people thought that touch screens would never take on. 

    Nearly a decade later, we’re living in a touch age. Whether you’re calling someone, responding to a customer query or simply watching a TV show, there’s a good chance, you are using a touch interface. 

    So, how exactly do you design for touch interfaces? Apple and Google have both provided excellent resources on how to design for touch interfaces. 

    Here are a few of our favorites:

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  • How to Create a Marketing Calendar That Delivers Results

    Planning your marketing calendar early is key to developing and managing a strategy that works and that will allow you to stay within your budget. If you’ve never created a marketing calendar, need a refresher or just want to find a better way to strategize for your coming year this is a great guide that will help you to be proactive and not reactive in your marketing and consumer outreach.

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