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The holiday shopping season is coming up. Setup more effective ads in 2 minutes.

Supercharge Holiday Sales in 2 Minutes

Pollen enables you to run prospecting and retargeting ad campaigns on Facebook and across the web to acquire new customers and to bring back past visitors all at once. With Pollen, you don't need to worry about optimizing your campaign, combing through data, or managing the little details required to run a successful capmaign. Pollen does it all for you -- and here's the kicker, it delivers!

Put Your Advertising on Autopilot

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Drive more sales with Facebook & Display ads

Pollen enables you to acquire customers on Facebook and across the web, simply. Through powerful automation, Pollen offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that's sole expertise is in driving sales.

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2 minutes to run more effective ads

Pollen helps you create highly targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and across millions of websites. Each campaign is automatically adjusted as it runs, optimizing campaigns of all budgets to outperform the competition.

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Launch Prospecting and Retargeting ads

Our machine learning engine determines the optimal split between prospecting and retargeting campaigns so your budget is invested in the most successful channels.

Get Inspired By Our Customers

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Sol Angeles

Sol Angeles had a simple goal: gain an audience of net new customers specifically targeted to the Sol Angeles Spring 2017 catalog all while retaining current customers.

  • 6.5% average order value improvement
  • 748% return on advertising spend
  • 108% revenue growth
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Grayer’s Clothing

To help Grayers achieve their goal of truly rewriting the classics, Pollen’s job was to get the brand in front of a new tightly targeted online male demographic who had an affinity for classic men’s style.

  • 10% average order value improvement
  • 590% return on advertising spend
  • 102% revenue growth

Ready to be WOWed?

Extremely knowledgable staff! Not only are the RESULTS AMAZING, there is a bunch you can learn about e-commerce by working with the team. I would highly recommend this app!

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The team over at Pollen has been an immense help with our acquisition and retargeting efforts. Highly recommended considering how great our ROI has been.

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